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Time Management Quote:

You will never have time for anything“You will never have time for anything. If you want time, you must make it!”

– Charles Buxton

Perhaps one of the most elusive thing on earth is time. And also one of the most famous reasons for us to rationalize is and probably will always be

“I don’t have time”

Fair enough! We may be very honest saying that and we may honestly feel that. But deep down, we all know that the reason is a little deeper than that and a little more meaningful than that.

The only fair resource

Keeping it very logical, we all know that the only resource that has been equally distributed in this world is TIME. We don’t have the same amount of resources or money or riches. We may not even have the same intellect or EQ or IQ and we may not even have the same capacities and knowledge and what not. But we all have the same 24hrs of time.

The real reason

Please don’t get me wrong. I am not here to tell you that you are wrong when you quote time as a reason. I myself have done it an innumerable number of times, only to regret later and realize that the real reason was something else and I kept telling myself that it was the paucity of time just to make myself feel a little better. That’s being brutally honest. Time is an amazing resource and genuinely we will findshortage of it, but it will never be the primary reason for not doing something.

The things which are important

For the things which are really important to us, we always find a way to find enough time for that. I have seen busy people who are busy beyond your or my imagination who still have time to pick up a call and ask how we are doing before getting to business. There are busy people who get up just 20 minutes earlier than their normal schedule so that they can do their yoga or run the treadmill for 15 mins.

There are people who make it a point to write at least one letter or a note to one friend every day to make sure that they tell them how important they have been in their life. Well, we all can easily brush it off saying that they have more time in their hand to do all these nice stuff and they don’t have the same pressure as we do.

They don’t have problems like I do

ProblemsTrue that! It is completely true. They don’t lead the same life as ours and they don’t have the same challenges as ours. But why is it that we fit the comparison only to what we don’t have and to what they have? Is it because we are offering a justification for ourselves as to why we don’t do something? Is it because it makes us feel better to tell ourselves that it was this difficult and hence we could not do something.

We do not really care about what reasons you or I give to others. Those are immaterial. But what are the reasons we give for ourselves? Why do we do that?

Time Management?

Is it really true that we don’t have enough time to exchange a smile or say Hi? Or is it because that we are not that great at time management. If the answer is time management, here is a wonderful post which talks about the 10 tricks for absolute mastery over time. However if the answer is latter, then I really don’t have much to say except that we need to differentiate between priorities and our actions.

We can’t always do everything in life. That is a recipe for disaster. We need to choose our battles, we need to choose where we effectively invest our time. So instead of telling yourself that you don’t have the time, tell yourself the truth. If you don’t like meeting someone then tell yourself that you are avoiding it because of that and that is all there is to it.

Choose your battles

time management, choose your battles with timeIf you don’t feel like putting time on a project, then talk about it. Don’t make people feel that you are that busy. We both know how true that is. Tell them what all you are doing and the latter will understand and find a way out for that. Don’t try and mix the two. We all have but 24hrs of time. If we want to do something more, we have to find time for it. Before that, we need to tell ourselves why that is a priority and what it means to us when we do it.

As long as you don’t have an answer for that, you will try to find ad-hoc solutions which finally lead you nowhere. Make things a priority, find ways to get to them. If not, the status quo will keep you there permanently.

This is our quote of the day and we are with Charles Buxton when he says we got to make time for what we want. And rightly so. Stay tuned for more and subscribe below for regular such updates.

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8 thoughts on “You Will Never Have Time For Anything : Charles Buxton

    1. I have nominated you for ” 3 day quote a day quote challenge” started by Roohi Bhatnagar. You have to put one quote each day for three days, and nominate two people each day. Since you are master of quotes, this should be a cake walk.


      1. Ha ha 😀 . Thank you Abhijit, I tried looking at the rules and I somehow refrain from the rules of the challenge. feels pretty simpler this way.

        I like the nickname master of quotes, the first time I have ever been called that. Will cherish this one 🙂

  1. right as always Vinay 🙂 One has to squeeze out time for oneself and one’s work. Though I do feel like “they don’t have the problems I do ” I try to keep the ball rolling. Its an ongoing process.. believe me !

    1. Thank you kokila.. How are you doing ? Been a while since we saw you on the writings.
      True, I guess we all are very busy people and naturally we have lots of things to do. The only way to do them all is to not do a few 😉

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