12 Inspiring Change Quotes: Change Is Not A Question Of Ability And more..

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Change Quotes:

Change is not a question of capability

Change Quotes:

“Change is not a question of capability, it is almost always a question of motivation”

Haven’t we all heard these quotes about change, why it is so important in life and why people should anticipate it, be ready for it and stay ahead of it. Earlier I used to hate it when people said

“You have changed”

It made me feel so conscious and almost always when people told this, I used to feel bad cos this was said as a complaint and very rarely as a compliment. And then I kept questioning as to why someone would say that. I mean

“Isn;t change inevitable?”

If none of us were to change, wouldn’t we all be living in a sadder world. There would have never been any airplanes or movies or television or electricity and what not. All of these were products of ‘change’. And all of those achievements in our own personal lives we are proud of have been the products of change and change alone. If we wouldn’t change, we wouldn’t have grown to the extent we are today. We wrote a post about – Why it is so damn hard to change a few days ago which captures the reluctance to change

And I think as we grow, we all realize that change is not only crucial in our lives but also quintessential. The more we are ready for change, the better we get at it. I mean, we can’t solve a problem if we are in the same mindset when we created it right? We got to make a change in our approach, our opinions and the way we see our problems. The more we see our problems as an opportunity, the more we are inclined to find a way to solve it.

We can all perhaps stay in the same place without letting change affect us. But the question is – would we really want such a life – being in the same place, career, lifestyle, relationship level and so on. I am not saying – change the people around you, but we certainly have to grow and provide enough opportunities for ourselves to bond with these people in our lives in different levels. Life is never a single dimension entity, it has so many flavors and for a richer life, each one of these flavors is extremely important.

Why we don’t change

As for the question as to why we don’t change – The answer is pretty simple. Change is not the most comfortable thing in the world. We do not know how the change is going to be, what the outcome is going to be and how well we are equipped to face that. In other words, there is a lot of uncertainty clouding change and we are worried as to how well it is going to fit in the larger picture of our lives. Our post on 10 ways to handle uncertainty in life addresses how well we can use this uncertainty to bring out the best in us.

Whether you like it or not, it is going to happen

Bottom line is pretty simple, change is something which is going to happen whether we like it or not. But the more we are in control, the better chance we have at welcoming change in our lives. Our thought for the day is just that don’t let the word ‘change’ bother you too much. It is going to happen – everyday of our life and every second of our life and we just have to find a way to make the better of it. If we are just to live with it, then there is no point about a post on motivation or inspiration is it? It is more about finding the joy and excitement in it.

Before we leave you, here are

12 inspiring change quotes for life:

  • Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change– Jim Rohn

  • If you want something you’ve never had, then you’ve got to do something you’ve never done.

  • Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything

  • To improve is to change; To be perfect is to change often

  • It takes only one person to change your life – YOU!

  • Don’t be afraid of change. You may lose something good but you may gain something better

  • You can’t start the next chapter of life if you keep re-reading the last one

  • Every second is a chance to turn your life around

  • Change – If there is no struggle, then there is no progress

  • LIFE is change, growth is optional.

  • If you want to change you will have to be willing to be uncomfortable.

  • There is nothing permanent except change

These are our top 12 change quotes. For more such inspiring quotes and real-life experiences and stories, do join us below for regular updates:

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11 thoughts on “12 Inspiring Change Quotes: Change Is Not A Question Of Ability And more..

  1. Haha… like it or not… it’s going to happen. So true, very much on face and inevitable too. I have changed almost everything in my life to be at the right pace with the world, at the same time changes occurred within me too to keep up with the pace of my life. Very cyclic 🙂

    1. He he.. Thank you Tara :). I think sometimes the brutal truth of life needs to be said out loud. Not many people talk about it and I was really getting frustrated of the hollow motivation which said anything and everything is possible without putting the adequate work to it. I mean we all are grown up here and we all know how hard it is to make something happen. And that is precisely why things are so beautiful. I kinda feel that there is a lot more to motivation and inspiration than it is being made of out there 🙂

  2. thank you for your motivating articles. from past few days it became a habit to visit this website atleast once a day and the result is
    self motivation
    confidence and much more.
    thank you once again

    1. Thank you Venkatesh. I am more than touched to read this message. It kinda fulfils the very purpose of this site and what we are trying to do here. Deeply indebdted to the wonderful thoughts you have about our work here. We shall keep it going and come up with more such exciting posts.

      Meanwhile any thoughts or topics you would like us to write about, please do let us know, we would love to 🙂

  3. I love change. I feel one just has to get used to it, thought it is an absolute no no for many. But then my question is how you do move up in life – with Change!

    1. Thanks Alok. Change is a beautiful thing, it has really helped us grow and made us into amazing people we are today. We would have been nothing without these changes in our lives and kinda would have stayed in the same place forever if nothing changed.

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