You give and you get :)

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Yesterday I went to the beauty parlour and after my grooming I paid the lady.  As always the most common problem was regarding the change she had to give me in return.  She searched for few minutes and said to get the change from the neighbouring shop. I went in search of it. I found the unpleasant nodding of heads and NO’s from the shopkeepers.  Unable to find it I bought chocolate and received the change from a shop. I went back to the parlour , paid the lady and thought why not give her the chocolate . I gave it to her and she was pleasantly surprised and smiled back at me and I was found myself happy within fraction of seconds to see that expression.

I wonder how a simple chocolate made her happy. I know that was unexpected by the lady. Surprises are always fun and a sweet surprise is worth a lovely smile and happiness :). Probably she felt the gesture was sweet and it was a nice way of saying thank you, probably she likes chocolates, it could have  made her feel special or cared for few seconds or  this incident could have been the best incident of her day. I am not sure which among these is a reason for her beautiful smile but I am sure this did make her happy. Now give me a chocolate unexpectedly and I’ll say why it feels good 🙂

I found myself happy after seeing her smile. This was the best incident of my day. Now I thought why a simple act like this brought happiness. You know that feeling when you see happiness in other’s eyes because of you. How nice it feels! I sensed that! That’s a lovely feeling of happiness you get by making others happy. I think I have gained a bonus point from her and I feel she would recognize me the next time I am there and would probably give a little extra attention. One more important point is that for a chocolate-maniac like me it is a kind of  generous thing to do as I don’t even like sharing chocolates sometimes 🙂 Oh yes! How can I miss this point! Eating that chocolate would have added some extra calories for my diet (which is forbidden for now :P) and would have definitely made me happy for the moment but giving it to her made me happy for the day and I am glad I didn’t use those calories to make myself happy 🙂

This incident might be very small and some of you might even feel silly about it but I feel little incidents like this adds so much more to happiness and who wouldn’t like an opportunity to smile and see others smile. As I say happiness is reciprocal, if you give someone you will always receive it back 🙂

12 thoughts on “You give and you get :)

  1. Yes indeed ! everyone will be happy to have surprises 😀 hope u didn’t shared with her all your fav Lindts chocolates LOL. Jokes apart its great post & I also Believe LIFE IS AN ECHO 🙂

    1. Ha ha ha ha 😀 .. Na na, Lindts are for certified personnel only 😛 😀 ..

      That is an interesting way of putting it Ruchi.. Life as an echo :).. Very interesting indeed 🙂

  2. Little things bring more happiness… Read somewhere and experienced by almost all of us! You did a great job Vinay ji 🙂 Now you are making all your readers happy sharing this incident 🙂

    TC! Keep smiling 🙂

  3. Agree though its hard to find such people among us often.Well as you said she might pay you more attention in your next visit for a gesture of love today,there are others who take it for a bribe…Yes,i am shocked to find such small gestures are termed that way by those who are not even simply ignored for whatever reason maybe.

    Your article made me happy in away and makes a point that such gestures do no harm to those giving and getting 🙂

    1. Thank you Satya, glad to know that the article made you happy :).. I guess a lot of things we do are underrated and sometimes we dont even appreciate for what all we do.. Maybe acknowledgement is a good thing after all 🙂

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