Wisdom Comes From experience,But Experience Is Lack Of Wisdom!

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Wisdom Comes from Experience:

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Wisdom comes from experience. Experience is often a result of lack of wisdom. – Terry Pratchett

Wisdom comes from experience. Experience is often a result of lack of wisdom.

– Terry Pratchett

Talk about a more ironical quote :). Wisdom comes from experience – so true isn’t it? We make mistakes, we learn from them and we don’t repeat it again. Or atleast try not to repeat it again. As simple as that!

Whereas, the experience is often a result of lack of wisdom. In other words, we make a few mistakes cos we don’t really know how things are gonna pan out. Of course we have a certain idea as to what it might turn out to be but most times it so happens that it happens quite the unexpected way and we suddenly delve into the cloak of a wise man who has grey hair and tonnes of experience, maybe sometimes a glass of whisky in his hand and takes on the role of an educator either to self or to others. Well, the latter is a bit annoying but I guess we have all had such people in our lives, the ones who are always on the mode to guide us to divine salvation 😀

Well, forget the quote for a while. We are someone who completely believe in the power of mistakes. We believe in being human, being stupid and being immaculately clever also. But all the while we realize that whether it is wisdom or knowledge or anything we might prefer to call it, there is always a scope for some mistakes or challenges in life. And we get to know about them only when we dip our feet in water.

Experience Burns Our Hands Sometimes, Can Wisdom Prevent It?

Of course none of us really likes to be beaten up, none of us like to see a disappointment in the projects or our goals we are after. Nevertheless, we do realize that it is highly likely that things are not going to turn the way we want them to. And maybe that is a test to check how bad;y we need something and how good we are at working on a feedback. There are so many undertones to every single occurrence in our life.

Coming to the wisdom now, I think that is something we get with experience. We came to know that we should not touch fire maybe after the first experience of it burning our hands. We cannot beat ourselves up for not knowing that fire can hurt. The same thing happens with the many outcomes of our life. Things go bad, life goes astray and it rarely turns out exactly the way we planned. And we do feel awful that we did not expect this and it was an unexpected turn.

Is Wisdom Not Making Any Mistakes At All?

Here is where I would probably go a little away from what the quote says. Wisdom is not just in being cautious so that we avoid making mistakes altogether. Wisdom is actually knowing that things can and will go wrong but not letting those perturb us. Wisdom is in knowing that the process is a brilliant journey which is going to make a difference in our thought process and lives. We might not get what we exactly planned for, but what we get in the end is going to be far more valuable when we decide to make it so. Stop at every one of these segments in life and take a fresh look at where you are today and where you were – that is experience enough to know how your life has changed and what an amazing gift it has been.

Somewhere in our cultural turning we have all been trained to look at the results and not the process. But start looking at it and you will see that the rainbow is not just one color, it is 7 colors put together to make one. And that is wisdom, the wisdom of feeling the experience and appreciating it when it happens.

So, if we look closely, wisdom and experience are not that different at all, are they? 

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8 thoughts on “Wisdom Comes From experience,But Experience Is Lack Of Wisdom!

    1. Thank you Somali :). Indeed, sometimes we don’t need to go through the physical experience. Just the vicarious one would do :). After all, we all have very limited time and it sure is a very expensive resource.

  1. That was a mind boggling quote! To err is human but learning from it and trying not to repeat that is in our hands.
    If we never commit mistakes, won’t life become dull and drab? moreover, applying the wisdom gained by learning from mistakes indeed adds that flavor to life which makes it all more interesting! It gives us those small moments of joy 😉 So I think both should go hand in hand.
    Also, I totally agree with Somali about being vicarious-that certainly helps 🙂
    It was a indeed a great post. keep it up!

    1. Thank you Hargun, I loved the quote, it kinda left like a complete irony to me. Or like Shamsud said, more of an oxymoron, an extremely paradoxical one. It took a couple of rereads to understand the implications and there we go a post is on it :). I am glad to know that you liked the train of thoughts, loved hearing your views on the same. It would be great to see more of you on the discussion front here, looking forward to more such mature discussions 🙂

  2. Committing mistakes makes us perfect, at least near perfect. 😀 Jokes apart, the quote talks about life and its ways. It’s a circle and once we are in…we have to play around, anything we can gather during the process, helps us to continue the journey in a better way… 🙂

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