Thankfulness: 7 Rewards for Your Fulfilment, Saying Thank You, Gratitude

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Thank YouIf you are saying – “What is there to be thankful for in this petty life? Few of my dreams have been crushed, I have been rejected a couple of times, people have made fun of me, some seem to think me of as a joke and you are asking me to be thankful in LIFE?” Well the answer is yes and the question is WHO HASN’T? I mean I am sure atleast at some point of life we have felt all these and I am also sure that at some point of life we have also felt that life is beautiful indeed. Now what are we looking for? I think ideally it is the case where we feel happy most time and lousy very little, well I think we have a common ground now. That is exactly why we are talking about being thankful in life. Here are a few reasons and questions as to why you can be thankful.

1) What is in it for me? 

Well, literally everything, we are talking about your well being, your quality of life, your emotions at an elevated level, your outlook of life, your societal stand point, your views, your thoughts, your desires and your dreams. It is all about you here.

2) What all can I be thankful for? 

The things you have in life, the opportunities, the people around you, your friends, family, people who love you, people who care enough to criticize you, people who dare to say you are wrong and show you a path about being right. You can be thankful for the things that you don’t have in life cos it is constantly pushing you to get there. You can be thankful about the problems and challenges you are faced with cos they are raising the level of who you are as a person to who you could be. Most times we form a much lower image of ourselves than we truly are. The challenges, troubles are their own way of telling us to raise up beyond these micro images of ourselves and look outside and see how beautiful we are as people.

3) Why should I feel thankful? 

Well now you are getting to the heart of the question. I am not going to say being thankful is going to release the freshness of energy, the flow of innocence, the belief in beauty and simplicity of the world – you already know that. I am going to say, you should feel thankful cos you have been blessed with these – no matter what they are, even the problems of life. No problem comes to you without an inherent solution to it. Sometimes we are too close to the problem to realize the modality of a solution but that doesn’t mean absence of a solution, it is there, it is your responsibility to find it.

4) What do I feel by being thankful? 

Well, it clears you off the emotional debt you have to the problem as its own entity. It helps you realize the worth and importance of a situation. Most times we undervalue a situation cos it is not perfect. Well let me share the good news, no situation is ever going to be perfect, it is a misconception people planted on you while you grew up, some may even say a cruel joke. But just cos it is not perfect doesn’t mean it is not beautiful and outstanding. Start living life outside the box of x+y = happiness, happiness is a lot more than mere addition.

5) What else do I get? – Well! FRIENDS.. 

Well you get friends, you get people who appreciate you. Tell me something, who likes a person who is constantly complaining, right from the missing sauce to the folded napkins? I mean if I were to choose to spend some time with people, I would love to spend it with someone who makes me happy. I doubt if a constant whining person would do that, all it would do is try to be more

6) What else? – Well, GROWTH

Well, it helps you forgive, it helps you forgive yourself, it helps you forgive the people who have wronged you and you start living life in a better scale, above the minor squabbles of life as to who wronged whom. We all have faced those situations in life, but the real question is how much we have grown from those? Do the same situations bother us anymore? If the answer is NO, haven’t we grown from that? If the answer is yes, don’t we owe a THANKS?

7) And… 

Well this sounds like the etc we used to write in our answer papers in exams. But it does make you feel happy from within, cos you know that there are so many things in the world that can make you happy, you grow from a petty complainer to a person of character, you feel the surge of energy within and everything around you starts looking brighter and colorful, the same horrid heat makes you find the beautiful flowers of the spring, the blaze of the heat makes you appreciate the Ice cream, the power cuts make you appreciate the beauty of a wet towel. Well things may not be as bad as we see it, sometimes we just need to realize that we choose it to seem that way.

We are not talking about making sacrifices to be someone else, we are talking about taking things to the next level cos frankly we are all worth it!

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