Why do I need to achieve?

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What are the reasons you tell yourself in order to achieve something? Why do you want to do something? Is it because you will get better opportunities in life, the society and people around you start respecting you, is it cos lots of people look up to you as a hero and want to be you. I guess all these reasons are very valid and very possible to make them all come true. But intrinsically if you ask yourself as to what is the driving force for you to do something, I am sure we all will have different answers for the same and rightly so.

But I really like what Oprah says here, it is about getting to the top of the peak, it is about getting that recognition, it is also about being that role model but there is something beyond that which drives you up there. I think someone did lie to us when they said that people will look up to you when you made those achievements in life. Agreed, they will look up to us, they would want to be us. But what do we get? Mere recognition? Is it all that we worked so hard for? What is in it for me? Well I guess now we are asking the right question.

The answer – Opportunities, the better you keep getting at something, the more opportunities you get, the more chances you get to explore life in a newer and a wider dimension. It may be about money, it maybe about people and it maybe even about society but as long as your reasons are extrinsic, there is a limit as to how much they drive you. But the moment it becomes intrinsic, it offers you a new lease of life, it offers you a new purpose and a greater reasoning to live beyond and do the very things which increase your odds. I don’t want to discount the other reasons for success, but as long as they are driving you in the right direction and you have control over them, then that’s all you need. But I would still like to vouch for looking at widening the opportunities, seeing the world even better, getting a much better perspective than you thought over the other way round.



12 thoughts on “Why do I need to achieve?

  1. well said…and i love the quote. What we do we need to do for self satisfaction and the other perks that come along with the success will automatically be available to us…

    1. Thank you Preethi. Of late I have been been a huge fan of quotes from Oprah, feel that there is so much of reality in it to relate to compared to the many other quotes we come across. Something simple and very elegant as well 🙂

  2. Well said..we have to have a clear perception towards success , otherwise after achieving what we set out to achieve , we may still be the unfulfilled souls..we have to do something bcoz it means something to us , not for any tom dick and harry..and once the motivation is from inside and the passion really burns the soul with enthusiasm and zeal and as long as we are committed to lead a more fulfilled life with self conscious behavior , even a small improvement is a big first step..

    1. Thank you Phani 🙂 .. So very true, we can’t do things just cos a Tom Dick and a Harry feels that it is awesome. We are the ones who decide what is important to us and we are the ones who will do a conclusion on it. The others must be cast aside, atleast during decision making :).

      Nice to hear from you Phani, its a nice feeling replying to your thoughts 🙂


  3. well meaning words for te real purpose of life… other purposes like recognition are just illusion… exploring oneself and expressing te spirituality of one through work,by dedication and passion will set everything right..thanks for te quote…

    1. Thank you Mohanambal, nice to hear from you, Welcome to Inspire99 🙂

      True, exploring oneself for the true purpose, getting in touch with one’s spiritual self, striving ahead to the real goals and real purpose is the greatest satisfaction one could hope for. Glad to hear your thoughts, looking forward for more interactions with you ahead 🙂


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