Who Wants Change? Who Wants To Change?

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Change in Life

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I am sure we have seen this image over and over again. And there have been a lot of people who have talked about change in life and how important it is for us to adapt to the happenings around our life. But then it makes me wonder, how easy or difficult is it to change. People seem to easily talk about change as if it is a very natural occurrence of life. And sometimes I guess it is true as well.

But then I wonder, the question is about intensity. We all want to be smart, we all want to anticipate the difficulties in life so that it doesn’t hit us hard when it does. We talked about a beautiful book in our last post about change, a very small story and a post about Why it so damn hard to change and at the same time how it is so easy to change. I guess it all boils down to the state of our mind and how we handle it. If we dig deep into our memories, I am sure we will be able to come up with a few instances where we have responded to the changes in an amazing manner. At the same time, there have been moments where we absolutely suck at it.

The Permeation of Change

Funny thing is that it is the same person, sometimes it just takes time for that thought to permeate within us and we understand the importance of that change and are convinced about it. And as we always say, it is almost always a question of motivation – not a question of ability. We all have that within, we all can be the change agents for the priorities of our life. Sometimes all we need is a strong reason as to why we want that for us – not the reasons to convince the society or family or our peers – these are the reasons for us to be internally convinced, so that there is a strong internal gut which knows why we need that in life.

Like Tony Robbins says in one of his seminars, we are always on a constant rush for change and if we don’t the life around us is not going to wait for us. It is going to change no matter what and the only way we can cope with it is by a corresponding amount of change from our end. I am bringing the Newton’s third law here – if life around you is changing, you would have to inevitable change. I know that it sounds cheesy but we don’t have much of an option or a change.

Now to the exciting part

That is one way of promoting change, and the other way is that it is really fun and exciting to change since that brings in so many opportunities for our lives and so many new adventures. If I look back at my life, there is no way I could even come close to having what I currently possess if I was the same old boring guy. And I am sure it will be the same if you look back at your life and the achievements that have made you smile.

I am sure It took a  lot of effort, it took a  lot of pain and a lot of mental conflicts but hey – that is always going to be there, we are always going to see tonnes of resistance along our way. But in the end what matters the most is how much of it is a priority to us and what we want and how determined we are to get there. And that I guess makes all the difference.

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3 thoughts on “Who Wants Change? Who Wants To Change?

  1. A very informative article Vinay. A majority of people want change to come with them being the exception. When everybody has this intention there’s no change ultimately.

    As it is said, be the change to see the change.

  2. Yes change is the only way we evolve. You know sometimes it is some magic ingredient that changes you, some force… like maybe love, then you automatically deck up to look good, or maybe a inspiration, constantly seeing things around you that you want to do. I am not the same person two years back… more refined, more fun loving, more mature, more in sync to life, more flexible and less constraited by difficulties to be completely beat up… it’s about constantly doing activities that bring out positive changes in you… it might take a day or may take up more time but in the end, you end up magically different and more efficient!!

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