Whether You Make A Choice Or Not It Is Still A Choice

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Whether you make a choice or not:

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Whether you make a choice or not, it still is a choice

People say that life is all about choices. You make the right ones and life is going to be amazing and perfect and all. You make the wrong one and you are damned to eternity and nothing is ever going to work for you.

Gee! So much of pressure on choices. It kinda wants to make you stay away from everything and take the safest choice and lead life in a simple way so that not many people are going to complain about it. The irony is, people are going to complain about that too! Funny people aren’t they?! 😀 .

The Pressure – Whether you make a choice!

But the first part is true, there sure is a lot of pressure for making a choice in life. And it is right from the start, a choice to study in a great school, a choice to look for a career in sports or music or education, a choice to choose engineering or doctor, a choice to marry and what not. Life will always have those potholes waiting for us. And naturally we want to take the best decision. And with exactly this in mind, we wrote our post on The 7 Important Steps/Shortcuts To Decision Making. Continuing from that, we shall try to look at this quote and use the words choices and decisions interchangeably.

I think most times, when we are at crossroads and in a dilemma, the decision we take or the choices we make are highly influenced by the ones around us. It is very rare that we take a decision that is against what the society or our peers think. This might be because we think that since so many people are doing it, maybe this is right. It is like asking Galileo or Copernicus to believe that the Sun revolves around the earth because the popes and everyone at that time believed so. And I guess it was simply a choice that changed the way we look at science today and the way all those theories have been built around it.

What Are Your Decisions/Choices Based On? – Whether you make a choice

It is interesting how such a marvellous outcome could be related to a choice. I guess that really establishes how important these choices or decisions are in our life. And our decisions are based on our research, what our peers say, what our well wishers say and at some point also how safe it is to take that decision. Somewhere we realise that there is usually a tiff between the safety and gut and it so happens that safety overcomes gut. I am not saying that it is wrong, but I am saying that we need to be a bit careful to realise that either of these are our decisions and choices and only we have to bear the outcomes of it.

So if we are letting so many other people in for making our decision, then it is only fair if they get a share of the results too, especially when things screw up. But since that doesn’t happen, maybe it makes more sense to look inwards and believe in our gut a little more to take a decision. And in the end it is a choice whether we decide to take ours or that of the people around us. Either ways, we would have to deal with the consequences.

In other words, if we are taking a risk and only we face the outcome, then I’d rather fall for my decision than someone else’s 😉

This was our quote of the day on choices and decision making. Stay tuned in for more such regular ones 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Whether You Make A Choice Or Not It Is Still A Choice

    1. Thank you Maitreni :). Sweet of you to say that! I agree, in the end it all boils down to those choices in life which sure can create a hell lot of a difference. I kinda remember Ratan Tatas quote when he says “I don’t believe in taking the right decisions but I believe in taking decisions and making them right! 🙂

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