When Things Go Wrong and They Obviously Will

When things go wrong!

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When Things Go Wrong and they will – Poem

This is perhaps one of the most beautiful yet inspirational poems I have come across. Poems most times are cast away as cliches, artful banters with a bout of romanticism and little reality to fathom from. But I think when we read something like this, it makes us question the cliches and look at the reality staring in front of us. This post is completely dedicated to our dear friend and his love of the poem – Mauyuresh

It is very hard to write and claim that we are able to derive a meaning out of a poem as beautiful as this, especially when the poetry in itself can make you move a thousand miles within.

Things have a natural tendency to go wrong, I guess in more technical terms we call it entropy – the natural inclination towards destruction. No wonder failing in life is so easy compared to the success we are after. It demands constant effort. And when we say effort, it is not the long hours of study or work, it is not even the commitment of doing something – it is the motivation to keep doing something that we are passionate about.

When things go wrong – Motivation Fizzles Out

Speaking in realistic terms, we all know that motivation at some point fizzles out. We feel like asking the question why constantly and even ask – is this worth it after all? And when we don’t see the results very often the answer is no. So it is pretty hard to believe in something when things are not going our way, when things are rubbing us on the wrong side.

We will not go overboard and say avoid such feelings and don’t let them get to you. That is what all the books say and I can see the truth in it. But how to do it?

When things go wrong- The Reasons

How to ensure that our mind is constantly focussed on what we want and not what we fear? How to train ourselves to say that what matters is the long term goal and focus and not the short term results. I guess that is where our natural grit comes into play. And if you for a moment think that you don’t have that grit, all I can say is – Stop lying to yourself. Don’t give reasons even you don’t believe in. It is a damn fat lie when someone says they are not capable or doubt their abilities. It is a damn fat lie when someone uses it as an excuse for not reaching the goals and the life they deserve.

Thing is, most things that occur naturally are easy in life – Success never is. It is made to appear easy in many of the books we read. People often say that success is easy and we can find it if we are focussed enough. To be honest, they are right in the sense that when you do your work, you will get there. The challenge is keeping yourself motivated to give everything you got to that work, to make sure that you are proud of what you do regardless of the results, to be running ahead when the entire force of nature is pulling you down. And that my friend is resilience, the greatest virtue and the greatest friend you will ever have.

So, when things go wrong, let them – but don’t let them get to you. These were our few thoughts on a poetry of such fervour, please do share your views and we would love to keep ourselves motivated 🙂

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21 Responses to "When Things Go Wrong and They Obviously Will"

  1. Thanks…..I have read the poem 100 times, but reading it here again with your writing touch was really awesome…
    I really liked the line “to be running ahead when the entire force of nature is pulling you down”…It gives the re-charging effect….

    1. Thanks so much Mayuresh. This post is completely dedicated to you and it was my honor to write a post on it. It is something which can motivate you in so many levels and keep the inspirational juice flowing. Kudos to the author, such sparkles of brilliance!

  2. Jeyaramansundaram · Edit

    Ultimately , it is contentment that brings to one true lasting joy !
    Success or failure it is highly subjective and it gets decided as how one’s mind views the happening !
    A contented mind ,with the wisdom that we have only the duty to sincerely work or attempt with no pre
    – fixation about the rewards for our the duty performed , always remains at peace and joy !
    The above is Gita Thathva ! Do your karma and leave the rest to the almighty !
    It is known in spiritualism as Prasaadha Buddhi …accepting with no displeasure what the heavens give !
    An avaricious mind compares and so it remains in confusion and competitive mode !
    Such a mind dwells in constant fear or restlessness …in success or defeat ..in loss or gain ..!!
    The lurking fear often paves way for committing mistakes either due to an overdrive or over cautiousness !
    We derive lasting joy not from receipts or so called success but only thro contentment !!

    1. thank you Jeyaraman, I could not agree more. Thank you for sharing a detailed thought on this, truly appreciate it. Bhagawadgita indeed is one of the most powerful motivational messages one can get, the long term view and a constant endeavour of karma is a beautiful concept.

      Someday, I would love to write more on the gita and its messages, nothing ever has been so relevant.

  3. So true…really touchy…its obvious to get worried or becum upset when things go worng but on the other hand hardwork and determination will definitely meet such. Btw nic poem too 🙂

    1. Thank you Poonam, great to hear from you :). I agree, things will go wrong, I guess that is the part of life. But then, what determines the real path is the way we go ahead with it and what we do about it.

    2. Excellent & Well written poem & Post, I really love the poems. It is natural to feel demotivated when things go wrong but one has to see long term benefits rather than short term happiness.. Thank u So Much


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