When People Say They Don’t Care

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Don’t Care!

I have often wondered what people mean when they say they Don’t Care!

Sometimes I have found it funny, sometimes offensive – esp when you provide a feedback and they don’t seem to respond at all.

  • Does it mean that I am not important to them?
  • Does it mean that what I say doesn’t make any sense?
  • Does it mean that they are too hung up on their view that they don’t want to hear anything else?

So many questions and I don’t seem to have a very convincing answer. Then I come across this video which simplifies the meaning and its relevance for me when people say “I don’t care

People’s Views

We have debated this quite a few times. Most times we have encouraged or even vehemently argued that the society’s views don’t matter. We should always do what our heart says and so on. All of those is very fair and we still stand by it very strongly.

We should not allow other’s opinions to sway our decisions, we should be strong and define a path for ourselves. But, that doesn’t that we don’t care about what others think about us.

If I am being honest, I always care. I always am conscious or try to be thoughtful about what other’s think about me, how my behaviour or action makes them feel. It almost feels very careless when someone says “I don’t care what others think”. It sends an awful message saying that you are not open for feedback.

The more you say that you don’t care or give a s*it, the more people refrain from providing you an honest feedback. And you really end up losing a lot.

An act of Contempt?

It is very easy to feel good about ourselves and supremely confident. But that doesn’t mean that we get to trample over everyone else and treat the society or people around us with contempt.

You won’t be swayed by others easily – you need not be. You have every right to maintain your position and decision. There is no point in responding to every feedback that comes your way. You still have your brains and you are the only person who can take a decision on what to do next with the data presented in front of you.

So, if someone comes up to you and provides you a feedback, don’t just go out to blurt that you don’t care. LISTEN! It doesn’t matter if you are not going to act on it, but do listen and take it in. See whether it makes sense to you or not.

If it doesn’t you can always respectfully disagree and thank them for the words of wisdom.

If however, it is too foolish, then don’t bother – just try to finish the conversation as soon as possible and move on. In short, there is no one way to respond to a situation. But just ensure that you don’t dissociate yourself so much from the society that you don’t even belong to your roots any more.

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