What would you rather believe?

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What is the one thing that holds us back from our goals? The complexity of the goal? The farfetchedness of a dream? The lack of resources? The lack of support from peers and society? What else is that holds us back? What about the belief whether you can achieve something or not? If I were given an option to rate the impediments to a challenge, I would certainly put all my eggs in the belief basket. The first thought we usually get when something challenging comes up is – CAN I DO IT? Although most times the answer is yes, sometimes the mind does play the devil’s advocate and it becomes fairly easier to believe in the negative side of it.
Now what happens if the answer we get to this question is no? What if there is no belief about something we can or cannot do? Do we even start? Do we make an attempt to make it work? Or do we quit the first time something daunting comes up? Well perhaps we can do all of these and a little more as well. Now let us look at the other way. What if we believe and convince ourselves we can? What if we are in complete conviction about the same and do not take a NO for an answer? How would we react? Would we go out of our way and try and make it work cos it is important to us. Also do we make sure that we leave no stone unturned cos we hate disappointing ourselves? Well that’s probably something Roosevelt is hinting at here. Believe beyond every doubt that you can. The mind is a beautiful thing, it starts finding ways to make it work. No matter how specious the whole thing seems to the external world, if you keep your internal world at peace, there can’t be much to stop you from your goal.



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    1. Amen Anita, the spirit of fight is something which I have found astounding. People are so damn good when they choose that and it is sheer magic to see :).. .

      Thank you Anita 🙂

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