What Schools prepare you for!

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“Don’t assume school will prepare you for life, it doesn’t-it prepares you to follow rules, get good grades and slot into a pre-packaged position so you can work to make someone else rich”

Came across this interesting quote when I was reading the book – “Richest Man in Babylon” by George.S.Clason.


This is one statement I would agree to any day. Looking back at all our school toppers and what they are doing today, it makes me wonder, – “Were we made to believe in the wrong ideals while growing up?”. All the while it was about being a topper, scoring the highest marks. And after that, it was about getting an engineering or medical seat. And once that was done, it was about going to an MNC, slog like hell while folks at home get to brag about the brands where a core company would never be heard of and the only distinction that could be made was the salary.

I have always wondered what made us study so hard and end up in the rank list and what was the outcome of that. Of course we did end up in good companies, did show off great brands but the question sure was starking. What next? Is this all? Did I have to study so much just to be this? Esp when we get to see so many people for whom things worked better even with lower scores.

Was the focus always on the wrong things while the life skills were something else? I think all along, the jealousy never stopped, while with the books, the jealousy was about someone getting a mark more or getting a higher score. And after getting to the job, the jealousy never stopped, it was about the guy getting a fatter paycheck and best part was that his score was much lesser! Makes me stop and wonder, were we lost focussing on the wrong things all along?

Some say yes, some say no! I say both in their own proportions 😉


7 thoughts on “What Schools prepare you for!

    1. That’s true Vijay, I think there is a lot more to knowledge than mere books and marks, a lot lot more to life. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Vijay, always great to be a part of thought exchange 🙂

  1. where money be involved .. it has to be impure.Education is an industry today. books sell for profits and less for knowledge . well .. your point in the post is worth a thought.. where is this education taking us in reality ? competition , hatred , failure, success .. every emotion we learn .. but knowledge.

    1. Thanks mate 🙂 ..

      I think it has been a skewed view of education, it is a lot more to personality building than the mere text books which rarely take us there. Makes me wonder how ready we are when we call ourselves educated and are out trying to weave a life together. Your point on books being more of a sale than creating difference definitely encourages a thought.

        1. Fair point my friend. One facet of richness although directly points to the notes, I think it does involve a lot more undertones. Granted that the book and the context are both in the money facet, like you mentioned knowledge and more so the application certainly takes the forefront.

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