What makes you the champion?

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Came across this beautiful quote today. I sometimes feel that we have overused the quota of success and failure that they start sounding like a cliche sometimes. Sometimes I feel as though they are just words which everybody else uses to define except us – most times I even feel that what I consider success has been considered a failure by others and what I really don’t care about is considered a big success. In the midst of these people, in the midst of a society which keeps confusing us over and over again, I guess it is best to stick to a simple thought of what we want and how we try to get there. I would start with that premise as a definition for success here.

Paraphrasing something a friend said “If you keep hearing something over and over again, you start living it without your knowledge”. I will not try to debate how true the statement is, for argument sake let us consider it is true and think on a few lines. What if we keep hearing failure all the time? Does it make us think on those lines, does it make us wonder about all the negatives in our path? Does it make us realize how many pitfalls we have in front of us. Does it make us rethink our goals cos they seem practical? Well if the answer is yes, then I guess we have proved beyond doubt how our thoughts influence us. The more you think of failure, the more it finds a way to be in your mind rent free, the more it keeps asking you questions some of which you can’t answer and most of which you don’t like the answer for. It keeps telling you that there are traps along the way and it keeps driving you off course from what you actually want.

I think what we are trying to focus on here is conscious living, you know what you want in life, you know how badly you want that something – then why are you worried about the reasons as to why it may not work out. And to be true, if you think that it may not work out, it never will – it never will reach a stage where you have enough energy to pursue what you want out of life and if that is the case, when will you ever be a champion if you never even try?

Bottom line – Is it something you want, is it something which makes you immensely happy and contented? Then DO IT! There is no further reasoning to it!




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