What is richness?

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What is richness?

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Richness has always seemed quite an elusive world to me. I felt like a very rich guy when I used to top my class in some subjects. I felt a little richer when I landed a job which paid me a lot of money. Then I saw my managers and others earning even more and I realized – Gosh! That was a wrong perception of richness I had. Then I thought I should feel rich and have time on my hand and do what I want. So I quit and I realized I was very rich cos I had time, but of course I did not know what to do with that time though! Then I felt I needed friends and the society to feel richer and the hunt took a different shape. And then found something to do which I really like and thought- Gee this must be what richness feels like.

But I could use some more money! 

And now again I feel, gee it could have used a little more money! Well! What is this richness anyway? Is this an elusive word which we are on a chase every now and then? Something that makes us feel good about ourselves, something that makes us feel that we own a few emotions? What is this richness anyway? Is it just a state of mind which can manifest itself in any way it wants? Well maybe that’s it!

Well maybe richness is in the perception! 

Richness I believe is strongly attached to one’s perception of life. At every point of life, there might be some things amiss which we feel can make our lives full, complete us and makes us feel extremely rich. It’s got nothing to do with money, it’s got nothing to do with the size of house you have or the length of the car you drive – those are comforts, richness is a much fuller word, a much deeper essence – it is how you feel about yourself at each point of time, it is how satisfied you are with yourself. It is how comfortable you are being you, without any pretensions, it is how great you feel about yourself everyday, it is about how your each day goes, with a lot of those emotions making you smile.

The beauty is in the number of forms richness can take! 

The beauty of the word richness is the number of forms it can take, the way it can make you feel. And the best part is – it is always in your control, it is something you can feel at any moment of your life, all you need to do is just decide. You can try and define richness in any way you want – the depth of character, the essence of life, the fullest form of you – it can be anything you choose to be, as long as you are pushing yourself to be that and to reach your true depths. In simple plain words – richness is just you, who you are and who are willing to be to what you want to be 🙂


12 thoughts on “What is richness?

  1. I don’t consider those people as rich who have so much money, rather those are more richer than them who has a pure smile on their face, and who always try to pass this smile to others.

    Like I do 🙂

    1. That’s spot on Alok. I think as a generation, culturally we seemed to be a little tuned to focus more on money and other external features which makes us feel less good about ourselves. It is sort of finding an external gratification for the inner self. Although it does seem like a futility, it keeps asserting its way in our lives..

      Like you said, the beauty of a smile tops it all 🙂

    1. Thank you :). I wonder that too, I did read in some management book about money taking the role of a universal motivator, I guess it is growing more powerful then on. Having said that, I guess true people always learn to live beyond the nitty gritties of simple things like money 🙂

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