#VogueEmpower: Boys don’t cry

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#VogueEmpower: Boys don’t cry

“Stop crying like a girl.” How many times have you heard this? Or how many times have you used the same to someone else? Remember the last time someone said this to you? #VogueEmpower has come up with a video to give us a glance on the things we do unknowingly as we are influenced by the majority of this society.

“Don’t cry like a girl” When parents say this to stop their crying child, don’t you this is gender-biasing. We understand this sentence alone isn’t the reason why this country’s major issue still remains gender discrimination. But don’t you think in the urge of asking their kid to stop crying they are indirectly teaching him that crying is a girls thing. Doesn’t cry emotionally distresses a person? Not just the girls but every human being.

Oh. Just remembered another famous sentence “Behave like a girl.” There are a few more “learn to walk like a girl”, “Be a man”,  “boys don’t wear pink”. Do you remember this one, “Mard ko dard nahi hota?” 😀 I am yet to understand what they are trying to convey. Does that mean, boys don’t get hurt? Really? The film industry has made huge influence on people, telling what’s a men thing and a women’. It’s good to see people from the same industry taking social responsibilities to fight gender discrimination.

If you pay a little attention, the video has much more to say than just ” It’s time we teach them not to make girls cry.” The more you tend to abide by the rules which you are asked to abide by, the more you tend to find alternate ways to express your emotions. Could you see the anger or pain in the man’s eyes? How would he release his frustrating emotions if he is not allowed to cry? Wouldn’t he take an alternate action for it? Wouldn’t he use violence?

How can you differenciate an emotion as a boy or a girl thing? Do you really feel ‘Crying is a girl thing?’

11 thoughts on “#VogueEmpower: Boys don’t cry

  1. Recently a female colleague of mine sent me a copy of this video through Whatsapp. It’s the same colleague who makes fun of me behind my back for helping my wife with certain home jobs. Our women are also terribly hypocritical; they won’t let men be good!

    1. We find hypocrites in both. It’s not always the men, you see them in women too. People are unknowingly glued to the definition given by the society where gender discrimination is a common thing. Women should also understand their value. She has to know how equally should be respected. If she, with her consent, let gender discrimination happen to her without raising her voice, it’s her fault too.

  2. Well I don’t feel crying is a girl thing. Boys do get hurt and I think they cry too but not in front of people. Those who say crying is girly thing flaunt their manhood. This is physiological process and is same for all genders.

  3. ‘Crying is a girl thing?’ – NOT at all and neither does it always convey ‘weakness’. On the contrary ‘not crying’ is related to being ‘strong’. But it is simply an expression to pour out one’s particular feelings and emotions whether the person is a boy or girl. Mother Nature has blessed everyone of us with this humanly characteristics. And modern world believes more in Emotional Quotient than Intelligent Quotient. I feel – to cry is human, and a real man should have the guts to follow his heart. Unfortunately this kind of discrimination runs deep into our social roots. We need more such initiatives to spread awareness and it should start from our homes.

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