UN Ignores Pak Call For Intervention In Kashmir

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UN Ignores Pak Call For Intervention In Kashmir

UN on kashmir, india kashmir issue, india pak issue, UN doesn't want to interfereIt was a fair bit of a relief seeing this on the news today. The UN has sent out a message saying that it will not intervene in the indo-pak issue. The decision is of a certain importance considering the recent trend of events. If I recall properly, Pak Prez Nawaz Sharif wrote to the UN when Mr.Modi made the UN visit asking for solution on the Kashmir issue before UN would host our PM – Modi. I am not sure about the timing of the events, but I would rather think that it was a little unfair. I mean they could have escalated the issue at any time they wanted, but why now? Why at this moment when Modi was to appear at the UN and address?

The Issue

I agree that the Kashmir issue has been a long standing one from decades together. Simply stated, Indians believe that JK belongs to them and so do pakistanis. But no one has any idea as to what those people in JK believe. If I try and look at the larger picture, I am sure that the answer would be peace. I don’t know what exactly people want, but they do want their lives, they do deserve to be happy, they do deserve their freedom instead of being torn apart cos of a fight between two nations. As the rule has always been, it is the common man who ends up suffering which makes things even more distasteful 🙁

However since the issue was not resolved, Pak again went to UN asking for intervention. This was not the first time an intervention was sought and the last time too, the result was the same, UN did not want to interfere.

Why Doesn’t UN Want to interfere? 

Well there can be plenty of reasons.

– There is a lot on UN’s plate – The Syria issue

– World peace

– The conflicts of the middle east

– The humanitarian activities

– In the light of all these, does sparring between two nations count as a priority issue? I would doubt on that a bit!

India’s Take

The moment the issue was raised, the answer was pretty simple and straight forward for India, that it would look forward for a meeting across a table and sort the issue out. Even at the UN and the press conferences, Mr Modi reiterated the readiness for a dialogue keeping the terror equation out of the picture. And the take has always been that an issue between two nations need to be solved through talks and not on international pressure

UN Backs India’s Stand on Bilateralism

UN has stated that this issue needs to be resolved through a dialogue and it probably is the best way to go ahead. Maybe it is time to let go off the bitterness and look at the larger solution. There perhaps is not much point in fighting over the issue and need to arrive at a solution which can remain for decades to come. It is time that ceasefire has to be respected and the common man gets to live his life the way he wants.

Is Pak creating attention? 

A couple of news channels have dubbed that this entire effort has been the doing of Pak to create and seek international attention. The timing of the bombings, raising of the issue when Modi was at the UN and the increased shelling when the decision of UN was made to deny intervention. Few of the news channels have gone ahead and stated this as an unprovoked move from the neighbours.

What do you think?

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