Charlie Chaplin: Troubles are temporary

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I love this quote, Nothing is permanent in this world. I think it is a very challenging concept to agree upon. There certainly are somethings which are permanent and a lot which are definitely not. Neither our fears, nor our strengths, passions, disappointments, challenges, so on and so forth. But why is it that it so happens when something wrong goes on in our lives, all hell breaks loose. Would it make sense to remember this one thought and say – Hey, maybe this is not permanent!

Off chance when we think of that, the mind is a brilliant thing, another sector says – “Yes! It is not permanent! What if it gets worse and that becomes permanent?”. Well we have strange ways of persecuting ourselves don’t we? We are quite a set of funny people with a great sense of humour but often we don’t laugh. Sometimes it probably helps to look it from the bigger picture and see that a setback is just a set back and probably we need to start looking at a few things lightly. Granted that nothing sounds light, especially when something unexpected and bad happens. But I guess that keeps happening in the world. We can grieve about it, feel bad about it and keep feeling bad about it or….

Or maybe just say to ourselves – Hey! It is enough! Maybe this doesn’t deserve so much of grief! I as a person deserve a lot more happiness and I am not going to let this one thing ruin it for me. After all I am bigger than the situation and the problem – Not the other way round! . Maybe 🙂

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    1. Thank you Swati 🙂 .. Happy that it reminded you of a few moments of life. Those beautiful memories and thoughts.

      Thanks so much for dropping by and the lovely comment. Would love to remind you of more such 🙂

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