The Way You Should See Women

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The Way You Should See Women

I am happy I am not like most of the women on TV. I say this because the way how most of the tv programs and movies show women is completely different than the real us. This video portrays the beautiful women which most of us don’t see on TVs.

If all the women in the ads look the same what illusion are we promoting for our daughters. 

A woman who spends most of her time in dressing up? A woman who is born to please the society with her etiquettes? A woman, all she cares for is her looks? Seriously! What are we feeding our younger generation? My niece is 7 years old and she talks about makeup and style. She knows about a few fairness creams, lipsticks and many other things already which a 7 year girl shouldn’t know about. She commands her mom on buying her perfectly matching bag, bracelets, hair clips matching her dress color. She dreams to look like the girl on the tv. Why talk about my niece? As a teenager, I was affected by what I saw on TV. The ideal women looked to be a flawless beauty with a beautiful face and body to me and I honestly wanted to be like her. Thanks to my mind, it took a few deviations and made me realise that a woman is much more than what they show on TV.


Let’s appreciate the beauty of overcoming struggles

Ahh! How wonderful is it to see a man who overcomes his failures, fear, weaknesses and stands up confidently to embark on a new life. Isn’t it wonderful to see a woman doing that in spite of all the pain she undergoes. No, I am not gender biasing here. I am trying to say that women are beautiful when they try to break the shackles of society’s fake beliefs and most importantly when she breaks the shackles in which she ties herself up for years together.


The women in our life carry beauty of all kind 

It’s an art to appreciate someone’s beauty within. A real man knows this and I am very sure there are many men out there appreciating their beautiful women in life.


I assume you to have watched this video. It would be great if you could tell your woman what beauty means to you and how beautiful she looks 🙂

11 thoughts on “The Way You Should See Women

  1. Absolutely agree with whatever you said Vidyashree 🙂 Though I am unable to watch the video over here right now, as I am accessing it through some network which bans YouTube, but I can say the post in itself is quite impressive.

  2. Thank you for sharing this video and come up with this much needed post. Women are shown like commodities, especially when we see ads of beauty products such as Fair and Lovely and others. A woman’s worth is still measured in terms of look and superficial beauty in our society. That needs to be changed. This change of perspective can also help mitigating atrocities and negative behaviour against women.

    1. Thank you Moon Roy for sharing your thoughts. That’s so true. This reminds me of Kangana Ranaut. She was offered a huge amount for endorsing a fairness cream and she denied the offer saying she was there to set better messages to the society and doing an endorsement for fairness cream was an absolute no. It feels so good when people like her take up such responsibilities.

      1. Yes…absolutely. We need more rational act from celebrities and actors as they have the ability to influence people and the society more easily than anyone else.

  3. Hi Vidyashree, its a nice take on how we perceive women, but I have a different opinion here, well some points…while i agree that TV may show unrealistic things but another way of seeing it is if you see something better than you, you would be motivated to be like that…i see a flat ab….it motivates me to burn a lil more at the gym. I also do not find a major wrong in a 7 year old knowing more about make up, it could be her area of interest and she could grow up to be a fashionista. Would we stop a 7 year old who likes playing tennis, or dance or try different hair styles? Her usage of products can be controlled but not her interests. Well its my personal take…the post is very nice.

    1. I agree with what you said Shweta. Even I want to hit the gym when I see someone in shape. Oh… it’s a huge inspiration. And about my 7-year-old niece, we would love to have a fashionista at home and if wants to take that as a career, the family and me are more than happy to encourage her but the way she perceives and understands the concepts of beauty and personality is different. I understand she is very young and needs time to evolve. She is so much concerned about her skin tone that once it came up in a conversation and she pointed out saying “I can’t be beautiful because of my skin tone.” And hearing that from a 7-year-old kid was shocking.
      I am not blaming the media here. It teaches us so many better things for our improvement. Maybe the amount of positivity is overshadowed by the amount of negativity. It’s just that the portrayal of women as the mark of perfection in physical appearance tends to feed these disturbing thoughts in the minds of little ones.

  4. TV serials reflect what the average viewers like . I happen to be paid script writer and I occasionally make sample surveys and also overhear the discussions on the serials. Most of the viewers are not from Joint families but they like the cruel scenes very much. The ladies that are shown in TV serials are far from reality but yet viewers like them very much.

    1. This is interesting to know Pradip. Thank you. I too have observed, how ladies love the serials with cruel scenes you are talking about. They are bored with their routine that they need these kinds of subjects for entertainment.

  5. I second Shweta’s viewpoint. But regarding the characters of women portrayed in tele serials or any average movies or ads, I feel like puking. Either they are extremely helpless characters or extremely evil. Judging by them, people generalize women.
    Thanks for coming up with this post. 🙂

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