The past was Yesterday, wasn’t it?

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Today is the future!

“Aaah! It’s a beautiful day! But yesterday was not, and there was something I did not like about the day before, and something wrong happened a month ago and something else an year ago, so I will decide I am not going to be happy today!. Well a perfect start for the day isn’t it?! I am sure none of us start a day like this, of course not at this intensity. But think back a little, have you at any part of your life done this? I am sure I have and this has always given me a few questions to think about.

How long can one live in the past? It’s not a place where anyone would guide me to stay, not you not me or not even the person we hate. But I realize even then we stay there against our will, I mean what is so attractive about the past? Maybe it is that we have a relation to it, we have lived it at some point of our life and we relate to it and associate ourselves with it. Some of it was great, some good and some really bad. The good and great ones made us smile, the bad ones made us feel lousy about ourselves and made us think about a lot of things and finally we grew over them so that something like that never happens again cos it means so much of pain and suffering for us, we tend to avoid anything like that.

I am sure we do everything we can in our power to do something like that happening again, but how often do we forgive ourselves over it, how often do we tell ourselves and believe that it is the past and it had a purpose and now it is time to go ahead in life and make a difference. The past was an experience, and I want to be able to look back at it and smile. If it is something which keeps me sad or concerned or worried, should I let it be a part of my experience today? Just looking at it objectively, I feel the past has happened, I will make sure that it is not going to repeat again, the future is now, it is today. Perhaps it is time to make that conscious decision saying that I am not going to let that affect me again. The past happened and it happened a long time ago, the time with us now is a lot more precious than anything ever was, no one has the right to affect it, not even you!



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  1. its funny how our memory works. We try to cram for an exam or remember a name or a phone number..and bam!! we go totally blank…We try to forget the past and its etched in memory with all the nitty gritty details. I saw this quote on facebook…not sure of the exact words. it was a picture of a car from a driver’s point of view with a rear view mirror. the words were something to this effect : “We do have to look at the back, but if we do it all the time, we will miss what is right in front of us.” nice write up 🙂

  2. “The past happened and it happened a long time ago, the time with us now is a lot more precious than anything ever was, no one has the right to affect it, not even you!”>>>>.

    that is what we think but our parents and all the faiths in the world want us to live in past…they want us to copy everything what took place in past… they want us to behave like they did in their time… and these days because of the lack of resources i.e electric,gas and water even some government and some communities want us live like cave men lived… so sometime past might be bad to remember but sometime it does help in sort out present and future only because past was the beginning of today.

    1. Thank you Kimat for the thoughts 🙂 .

      Ha Ha, I completely agree Kimat, I guess people will always be advocates of what they think is right and what they have always thought is right. They might also want us to emulate the same or emulate the characteristics of those who they think were the ideal people of their century!

      I agree to the thought Kimat, the past is a very good lesson, the past is a very good pointer, but I guess that is probably where its role ends, the moment it starts hurting the present or creating a challenge to the present, I think it needs to be relooked. The thoughts of past are certainly great facts to deal with but at the same time, they are always welcome as a supporting statement, but as an impediment, I think we probably would need to tread a little with caution 🙂

      1. Vinay thank you for the reply and you are right, past is only good for the story or the reference otherwise living in present keeps this world going haha.

  3. Every sunset gives us,One day less to live!
    But every sunrise give us,One day more to hope!
    So, hope for the best.
    Hold onto hope when life drains out !! 🙂
    Great post

    1. Thank you Veena, nice to hear from you :).

      I was reading somewhere, HOPE is stronger than FEAR, and I love to the last statement – Hold on to hope when life drains out:)

      Thank you! 🙂

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