Oh Yes! The Past Can Hurt But… Lion King Quote on Past, Moving On In Life

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Lion King Quote on Past

“Oh yes! The past can hurt! But you can either run from it, or learn from it”

– Rafiki, Lion King


Well for those ardent cartoon lovers like me, here you go with a quote

“Oh yes! The past can hurt”

Few days ago, we had written a post on How to stop being the prisoner of the past. Carrying it on from this post:

We all have a wound in the past don’t we? I am pretty sure none of us have that picture perfect past where nothing ever has gone wrong and everything has gone as per the plan and we have always emerged successful without any bruises or wounds. Well if the answer is yes, then I guess you haven’t tried enough. I really don’t trust anyone without a failure in life – It is like learning to walk and run without ever falling!

Anyway, no matter how much we try to deny, the past does haunt us sometimes. Especially when we are trying to do something similar which hurt us deeply in the past and we have had a rough experience with it. It makes us think twice or maybe even four times. We have already burnt our fingers and do not want to go through it again. It is absolutely fair, we are just protecting ourselves from going through that hurt in life again.

At the same time we are denying ourselves of the optimism and the trust we had for the first time. Sometimes I wonder how many opportunities I have let go just because something similar happened in the past and I had a bad experience with it. I did not want to relive those harsh experiences and I did the simpler thing – just let it go, avoided any emotions linked to it at all and thought life would get a lot simpler.

The funny thing about life is that – It didn’t! I felt rotten that I passed up on an opportunity to amend the past. I was so hung up on the mistakes I did earlier that I did not provide enough opportunity to correct that mistake and move past it. Maybe it was an opportunity where I could go past the past and look at the opportunities it might open up. I forgot the fact that although the situation was the same, I had changed as a person and I had definitely gotten better.

If I had given this better person an opportunity to face a similar challenge, he might have actually won over it providing me a great feeling that I can actually get over my past problems and find closure to it.

At some level, don’t we all do this? The fear of getting hurt is so much that we shield ourselves from any negative emotion that can arise. No matter how many times we tell ourselves that what we did was right, deep down we know that something went wrong somewhere and we are not happy about it. We rationalize and find ways to tell ourselves that it is ok, but truth is – it is not, it never is!

Instead, the next time when something like this happens, I think it is about time that we forgive ourselves for the past, look at how well we have grown from there and take up the present challenge with a determination to win. The more we concentrate on fear, the more we are bound to lose. We are here to make a statement, not to the world but to ourselves, not just to the past but to the present and the future as well.

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9 thoughts on “Oh Yes! The Past Can Hurt But… Lion King Quote on Past, Moving On In Life

    1. He he he 😀 Agree Maniparna.. Especially for someone with a good memory. And our education system insists on memorizing things. Ironical don’t you think? 😀 🙂

  1. Well you learn from your mistakes(though I would rather term it as an experience, as its more appropriate) and they remain with you for lifetime. For an instance you might forget what all things went right but you can’t forget what went wrong(the best part about it 😉 )

    1. Hi Yamini.. great to hear from you! It has been such a long time. How are you doing?

      True, the term experience is so much better than the past failures. And they sure do remain with us for a lifetime and what we do with them really makes that difference. The more we look at their productivity, I am sure we are bound to come up with some amazing uses for the same experiences which let us and put us down..

  2. The power punch that I got was on the first image itself. This blog is a reader’s heaven and a great platform to inject positivity in self 🙂 So kind of you Vinay

    1. Thank you Tara. It is very sweet of you to say so :).. These are some amazing words. I have thoroughly enjoyed two sections on this site – Life hacks where we talk about the simple things in life and how they can be improved and the quote of the day section which purely focuses on explanation of the quotes. It really is a very hard thing for me to find a favourite between the two 🙂

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