The Cab driver and a drink

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It was a late night flight I had to catch and I was coming back home. The company was kind enough to book a cab for me and as usual, being the habitually talkative I am, started a conversation with the cab driver which went on from the lifestyle in Bangalore, its traffic, the busy ways of life, stress, etc etc etc….

At one point, the cab driver was very enthusiastic, started talking about his family, how he fled from home to start making a life, his kids and he was particularly proud of his girl child and was talking about studies and what might be the best vocation to choose ( He was talking about a 5th standard girl). The conversation continued and all the while I realized how proud he was of his daughter and how concerned he was of her life and how to make it big for her, be there for her all the time. Sometime I guess we underrate what parents do for us, but this guy made me stop for a while and think. There is indeed a lot of things we take for granted sometimes, maybe it doesn’t hurt to say THANK YOU once in a while.

As we went on, he talked about his finances and how he was saving up but for his one habit of drinking which made life a little more challenging. The talks went on and he kept talking about how he would like to quit drinking so that he could save up and more importantly his daughter wouldn’t like to see his face when he went home drunk. (The things we do for our loved ones. It is sometimes so amazing that love has such a great power over thoughts and emotions and it moves you like nothing else does in the world).

The drive ended and I was getting down and somehow felt like asking what his plan was. He said he would be heading out for a drink before going home. For a moment, I stopped, I don’t know what brought out the idealistic streak, I just asked ” Please sir, you just told me how much you want to quit and how much your daughter hates it, please do not drink today, atleast for the kids sake” and I went ahead.

The next morning, I was quite curious to know what happened, I dialed his number, introduced myself and asked him what happened with the drink. He said “Sir, I went to the bar”. As soon as I heard this, I was disappointed, shrugged my shoulders and then tried to continue the conversation. He said again Sir, I went to the bar, ordered the drink. But as I was about to sip, I remembered your face and I couldn’t. I just went home . I didn’t know what to say, there were a set of emotions – overwhelmed, overjoyed, felt ashamed that I had assumed the worst and above all felt the things people do for a simple smile and a gesture. Each time I remember this incident, it keeps telling me something. There is so much of power in the little things like a smile, a request, a concern and care, an affection and these have their own magical ways of reminding us what a beauty life is and how beautiful people are. I guess sometimes we might just have to search for that 🙂

4 thoughts on “The Cab driver and a drink

  1. Good one. The next time he should imagine his daughter’s face and not drink. It is so easy to recognize a stranger’s gesture and not value those we already have! But I agree with you, there’s a lot of power in simple concern for someone else.

    1. True, that was my first thought too. Then I felt maybe sometimes it is easier to do things for strangers.

      But on a longer term, I definitely am with you. Cos I am sure after the encounter, he would be back to the usual habits, I don’t expect to have created an impact of that intensity either.

      To be very honest, I was a little afraid to be disappointed to do a follow up after that.. But it still turned out to be quite a gesture. I mean even after many days, the incident still makes me feel – WOW!

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