That One Thing You Are Missing Out Of Your Life

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That One Thing You Are Missing Out Of Your Life

You have everything around you. A lovely family, friends, a good job and a happy life. What else do you need to be happy? No matter how happy you are, you would love to make your life happier. There is this little something from you which could enhance your happiness. A little something you have to do at least once in a while to cherish this beautiful life. Watch this video, this is a visual pleasure. Maybe, you realize that one thing to add to your life.

We have been showing gratitude to people and good incidents happening in our life. But very rare we realize the importance of showing gratitude to nature. Maybe it feels a lot different, a lot different from the usual routine, maybe you see a whole new thing or maybe you see a miracle every day.

I shall quote a small example of my new found happiness: Recently, I started involving in gardening work at home. It feels a sense of great visual pleasure to wake up and see those little plants blossom with flowers. To see those lovely colors and wonder how a masterpiece is created by nature, to observe the shades, to rejoice the sight for a long time, to water them with a hope to see it in a better state tomorrow, to feel nice to have witnessed such a beautiful act of nature. Everything seems great and of course a little gratitude to have had an opportunity to do something that gave me so much pleasure.

If a small gardening can impact in such wonderful pleasure, imagine the rest of the other things nature has to offer you. A world beyond imagination 🙂

A little effort to look beyond the usual life routine will grant you zillions of joyful moments. And who wouldn’t want that? After all, we all crave for a little more of every good thing in this world 🙂

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2 thoughts on “That One Thing You Are Missing Out Of Your Life

  1. A beautiful beautiful share Vidyashree …………. thanks a millions… its been saved for reviewings and for my family 🙂 the narrator’s voice is kind and just perfect for the message 🙂

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