Success Or Failure Is Caused More By Mental Attitude Than By Mental Capacity – Walter Scott, Inspirational Quotes Meaning And Analysis

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Success Or Failure in Life
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I think there are a few quotes which fill us up with a lot of inspiration, some of them with a lot of doubt within and a few of them which makes us question – can this be true. I reckon the third set is a really inspiring one cos it really makes us think, makes us wonder if this can be possible and be applied to our lives. And I think that is probably when a quote achieves its purpose – when it makes you wonder and question. I think this is one such quote and especially a one about success and failure. Don’t we all love it when it is about that and especially when it says that success is not a commodity of the privileged few but it is up for the grabs with a little bit of determination and toughness of your mental capacity. It makes us believe that it is out there for all of us and it doesn’t need something very special to get there.

Don’t we like to think so?

Attitude Vs Capacity!

I think all along, we have been taught that it is the ability which has made the difference in the world. So no wonder right from the start, there is a constant pressure on us to be in competition with our peers, our neighbours, our seniors and also ourselves. There seems to be that constant pressure to excel and prove ourselves continually. Well there is nothing wrong with that, it does focus a little bit on perseverance and hard work. But it does put the focus on capacity, the capacity to remember stuff, the capacity to prove our aptitude and learning abilities. But something that is constantly amiss is the life skill which perhaps holds a greater depth as we grow further and realise that there was a little more that we had to learn than just clearing a few exams and proving ourselves better. It was about believing in that mental ability which is beyond intelligence quotient and the so called brilliance. It was something more than that, it was that brilliant attitude which made us perceive no matter what happened. If you or I look at all those achievements or challenges in our lives, I think we realise that not many of them were won by our IQ, but it was won by sheer persistence and creativity and get to a solution, that doggedness and perseverance or whichever word we prefer to use.

The Truth?

Well, then what is the truth?

What is the ultimate recipe for success which never fails?

  • Some say it is persistence and perseverance
  • Some say it is sheer talent and no one else has access to that. Honestly even if this were true, I would not like to believe it. I would rather believe in a lie which makes me strive hard and hope for a future I can create than accept something as fate and use it as a sad excuse for what I could not do.
  • Some say it is resources
  • Some say it is people
  • Some say it is sheer luck.

Honestly I would like to believe in all of them. But there is a slight catch when I say this because I use a small * which says – Only In Parts

Cos every little thing we believe in can be true and can create the fabric of our thought and hence decide our actions as well. We got to decide very carefully as to what we let influence us. After all, what we talk here at inspire99 is to use our minds and attitude to bring out the best in us. And if you look at the quote carefully, all it says is the same.

“Success or failure is caused more by mental attitude than by mental capacity”

Walter Scott

And all we ask in the end is –

What would you like to believe in?

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14 thoughts on “Success Or Failure Is Caused More By Mental Attitude Than By Mental Capacity – Walter Scott, Inspirational Quotes Meaning And Analysis

    1. Indeed Somali. I think the talent bit is highly overrated in this country and sometimes highly overrated in other countries as well. It is like an idea being given more importance than its execution. Talent is simply a potential energy. Only attitude can make it kinetic and functional 🙂

    1. True Sunita :). I think failure success are mere perspectives. What we have in the end are outcomes, the outcomes we like and the outcomes we don’t like. And looking at it very objectively, it just means that if there is something out there we don’t like, we got to get out there and do what we really like 🙂

  1. Hi Dear,

    Really awesome post indeed here ! actually i really love to read inspirational article and books so i found your blog from indibloggers community really very helpful blog .
    keep writing and share these kind of inspirational stories and guide.

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Thank you Sanu. It makes us feel really good that we are able to connect and actually be of some help :). It kinda fulfils the purpose of the posts :). Hoping to see more of you over here :)..

      Cheers mate.

  2. This is one of my favourite quotes 🙂 I firmly believe that mindset and mental ability play a great role in terms of success…a great post, Vinay… 🙂

    1. Thank you Vinitha :). Indeed, every little bit adds, the little bit of anger, the little bit of emotion behind it, also the little bit of despair and hope and above all the spirit and the heart to continue even when things seem a bit down and not completely in our favour.

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