Sometimes You Are Successful, Sometimes You Are Not – Satya Nadella, Inspirational Quote

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Satya Nadella Quote:

Satya Nadella -

“You renew yourself every day. Sometimes you are successful, sometimes you are not, it is the average that counts”

  • Satya Nadella

The law of averages – Simple isn’t it? It would be foolish enough to say that we will be successful with every venture we undertake in our life. And maybe if we are, it probably means that we are not challenging ourselves enough. Well, that’s what strikes us the most when Micrsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella talks about being successful.

It is true isn’t it? Sometimes we are successful, sometimes we are not! If we look at our own lives closely, I am sure we will be able to find a few areas which we are not very comfortable with, the ones which make us think we are pretty weak. At the same time, there are those areas which completely belong to us and our confidence is sky high when it comes to that and there is nothing holding us back.

The beauty is that we oscillate between the two. Of late, something that has been constantly on my mind is our amazing ability to bring out those aspects of our life. Not that we are going to be successful each time – we are not! We are going to fall, we are going to make those mistakes. But what matters the most is how we deal with it, what we take out of it. After all, life is averages, life is a mixture of things we do, mixture of experiences and activities, a mixture of the positive and the negatives, a mixture which makes us feel incredibly strong and romantic and also a mixture which makes us feel low and depressed. And that is how the law of averages works.

Quite simply stated, it doesn’t really take too much to be successful in life, it takes a few things in the right place and the so called success defines around itself. As long as we make sure that we take control of our life and we make sure that we are not bogged down by the little insecurities or the things we are not good at, it is alright, we can make it work. We need not be too tightly wound on the ideas of perfection for at least on the law of averages perfection never leads you anywhere because the answer most of the times is a zero.

The truth is as simple as Satya Nadella says – sometimes we succeed in life and sometimes we don’t. Success alone doesn’t matter. Failure alone doesn’t matter.

It is a combination of the two which makes the difference. The trick is to ensure that we are not consumed by either of them. We need to know the beauty of a temporary occurrence in life and treat it as such. Obviously Satya Nadella seems to agree when he talks about the law of averages.

After all, we all are human beings and we all are bound to make our own simple little mistakes.

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4 thoughts on “Sometimes You Are Successful, Sometimes You Are Not – Satya Nadella, Inspirational Quote

  1. “We need to know the beauty of a temporary occurrence of success and failure in life and treat it as such.” Beautiful thought. Nice article Vinay…:)

  2. well said …!!!
    our life is like a head and tail of a coin. Sometime we get head and sometime we get tail. in this world, there is not one who got each and every success without any failure. !!!
    these words proves that first we have to make our self ready for failure then we can get good success in our life. !!

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