Single On Valentines Day:7 Thoughts To Set You Free

Single On Valentines day

single on valentines day, being single, feeling sorry for being single, being single quotesWell! This is one day of the year, that has propelled against all odds by the marketing industry! A day to celebrate love and affection. Perhaps only next to Christmas and New Years, the day will naturally mark the biggest sales ever with the romantic inns and cafes filled with happy loving set of people and the gift stores filled with all kind of creative stuff.

Well I am  not a hater of valentines day in principle. Everyone should have a day to celebrate love. We have fathers day, mothers day, sisters day and what not, so why not a day for love?! At one end it is a great day celebration, but also it is a little unfair for the ones who are single, it  is perhaps one day of the year where the world seems to be hell bent on proving how single they are! Not many hotels have special dinners, not many of them even entertain singles in cos it spoils the decor!

But I think we do miss a point here about love, when we say love or valentines day, we seem to think of it for couples only and the singles seem to be completely left out. It is probably not very wrong – the market responds to where it gets most profit from and today it is definitely from the couples. Although I have nothing against the day, I sure have something the way it is celebrated, it seems to have become too cliched and also a little unclassy as well.

So today, we dedicate a post to all those beautiful single people out there.

1) Don’t bother answering someone if they ask you what your plans are today! 

Sometimes people just seem to enjoy rubbing your nose into their fortune. It is not that bad. Come on, love is always around the corner, it is just about finding the person who matches well with you and taking things ahead with them.

The market and the society makes a big deal out of it. So what? Don’t participate in their meaningless actions of pushing you down. You know that the best kind of love is not in the one which these companies or the society pushes at you. You are smarter than that!

2) Don’t try to find a partner to fit in! 

Don’t bother fitting in on this charade. You are what you are and your relationship status is what it is!

No one has the right to keep bugging you on that. If you are single on valentine’s day – so what? Big deal! It just means that you have different things to do other than falling prey to the stupid marketing gimmicks of the shops.

So, don’t react to the pressure from the society. You don’t have to find someone just to be a part of this so called festival. Just be yourself, be calm and composed with yourself the way you are – love happens the way it is supposed to happen to you. Don’t bother forcing it upon you.

3) Being single doesn’t mean unlovable. 

I think this is one of the biggest lies told by the industry! If you are single – it means that there is something wrong with you.

Come on! This is one of the biggest lies ever told. No one cares about that and neither should you!

Being single just means that you are single – Period! And you will find that someone when the time is right, not because it is the 14th of Feb

4) Connect to people you love. 

It is a big fat lie that valentines day is about couples. Valentines day is about love. Granted that it talks mostly about couples, but that doesn’t have to be your definition of love.

Love is in the smallest of the things in the world, in the littlest of the gestures. It is not in sitting in a romantic restaurant and ordering the most expensive champagne, nor is it in booking the most expensive room in the hotel.

It is in those gestures which you make to the people who mean a lot to you.

5) Tell your loved ones what they mean to you.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself! Stop feeling sorry for being single.

It is not a crime and for god’s sake stop letting others punish you for this. Pick out a pen and paper and start writing letters to people who really mean a lot to you.

Call your friends, call your family and tell them how they make you feel. Talk to your neighbours, talk to your pets no matter how insane it sounds. You don’t have to be cheesy when you can be classy.

6) Love is not about the big kiss on the valentines day. 

Love is in gratitude, the feeling of completion within oneself, the aspiration to share your life with someone else.

There is one person in this world who deserves the most love – it is yourself. Don’t deny yourself the opportunity just because it is valentines day and the companies, hotels make you want to feel single and left out.

You know your life more than anyone else ever will, you know how great you are and the challenges you have gone through.

Pamper yourself! The shops have great discounts on valentines day. You can buy some really good stuff for yourself.

7) Don’t read those cheesy quotes. 

For gods sake – don’t read those cheesy quotes. I have come across so many annoying ones about being single on valentines day

– Being single means that you are taking time to decide who you want to spend the rest of your life with

– Being single was never my misfortune, it was my decision! 

– Being single isn’t a time to look for love, it is a time to work on yourself and grow as an individual.

– Yes! I am single and I don’t need a significant other to make me happy

– Being single is a good thing – no drama, no heartaches and no headaches.

– Being single is smarter than being in the wrong relationship

– Being single doesn’t mean you are weak, it means that you are strong enough to wait. 

I think I can quote a few more such quote which can try to make you feel better, all thanks to google. Or we can simply accept where we are –

If you are single on valentines day- you are single on valentines day. That’s it – so what?! Big deal!

There are lots of amazing single people out there. Don’t let the world into bullying you about its definition of love and relationship.

It is your life, your happiness and your definition of love and it can be anything you want it to be.

So go out and live your life – if the world wants to push you down and prove that you are single – then proudly say that you are single on valentines day and are not bothered by it. Proudly tell yourself and the world that it doesn’t matter what it thinks.

You are single on valentines day and that’s a simple fact, it is not something to feel bad about, it is not even something to think about. You were single on the day before the valentines day as well. Why should this day get a special credit?!

Just go out and live your good life. For every other stupid thing which people say – there is always time 🙂 .

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  1. I was expecting the same from you Buddy 🙂 Great to read this, you said it absolutely right that you should tell your loved one what they mean to you, after all valentine day is not all about your spouse only. It is all about your loved one…

    • He he thanks Alok. I think the idea of valentines day is really very sidelined on this one particular day. And people are really pushed down, there are even ads which make fun of a single person. There is so much of real love out there and somehow the society seems to find a day to express true love in as many fake ways as possible. There doesnt seem to be much original about it all of late.

  2. Very inspiring read about not-so-inspiring Valentine’s day Vinay. Telling what we mean about our true love was absolutely true. Loved it!

    • Thank you Gowthama. Somehow I think that the society has made sure that the true meaning and definition of valentines day is completely lost on this one day. It is made to appear that it is a crime to be single on valentines day, It is made sure that there are no fun activities to do if you are single. In other words, people are hell bent on discriminating the singles to the doubles.. Crazy world!

  3. Though I am not single , I had most of my Valentine’s day as a single…Hope I read it before, A great post motivational indeed 🙂

    • He he as a matter of fact, I wish I had read a post like this earlier too. I have spent many a valentine day wondering and questioning a lot of things which I really shouldnt have 🙂

  4. bueatiful post. i had my valentine with my friend and his girlfriend and they gift me a pair of pants, because they think i need a new one, little stark, so that I dont look that awful in front of her. 😀

    • Thank you Hemu :). That sounds really lovely, you might have got a nice gift on the valentines. Much better than the cheesy heart shaped cards and cakes and the same old cliched parties!!

      He he he 😀 .. Looks like friends know best 😉

  5. Hi Vinay…Liked the pointers. Yes, the society is hell bent on proving how single we are!! But seriously i doesn’t matter when you have people around you who are important. I celebrated valentines day with my 2 best friends and it was really memorable and epic!!

    • Thank you Lancelot. I am not really sure where the society gets its fulfilment from. If you are single – it asks you why and if you are committed – it asks you why that girl and then it assumes the right to comment on the girl you are with. And then start the other questions of marriage, and kids and so on. My god, it looks like they are never going to leave us alone 😀 😀 .. .

      That sounds wonderful Lance, I think I spent the day mostly at home and made a couple of posts 😀 .. It sure was fun and I did get to talk to some people I really like sharing with..

  6. Thank you Parul. I liked your take on Valentines day. There is no need to wait for a particular day to tell how much you love someone. The day just becomes symbolic and is a marketing tactic to say the least. And when you are in love, the day hardly should matter, there are so many other factors to rejoice about..