Satnam Singh: We Need To Develop An Inner Drive

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The entire country is singing praise for Satnam Singh Bhamara. The first ever Indian born to get selected by the Dallas Mavericks, 2015 NBA (National Basketball Association- North America)

Satnam Singh hails from a village of no basketball courts. What took the 19-year-old from a small village near Punjab to NBA is truly inspiring. Finding the right pair of shoes for a 7.2 ft with a shoe size of 22 was a challenging thing but sure it was all worth doing it. There are many people who helped him on his journey to get into NBA.and Satnam hold great gratitude for them.

Imagine a boy who barely knew speaking English (He does now) enters US and grabs a position in NBA. He says, “We need to develop an inner drive. There are so many distractions in the mind.”

No doubt in agreeing the fact that hard work and focus take him a long way and there is something which adds to his character, his humbleness. He says, “Respect everyone. The more you respect others, the more others respect you.”

Here a video I came across. Satnam Singh being interviewed,

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  1. truly inspiring, in HT I have read one of his quotes, where pokes his father, mujhe nba me khelne do phir dekho truck bhar ke paisa aayega

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