Randy Pausch- The Last Lecture, thoughts on the book!

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I have been a huge fan of the last lecture series, especially the one delivered by our man Randy Pausch. The scenario is that “If you had the last lecture to give in your life, what would it be?” and I couldn’t have recommended a better lecture. Being a huge fan of the audio, I thought I should own the book as well.

The Last Lecture
The Last Lecture


It took a couple of days for me to complete the book and I was a little surprised to see the difference in the effect between the speech and written communication, although the concepts and the way of expression is the same, I would still prefer the audio since the impact it creates is much larger compared to the book. To be a little frank, I believe the book was a little informative and repetitive which worked great in a conversational communication, but being in the shoes of a tough critic, I would say the video makes more justice to the man than the book.


Having said that, it is one of the most sensible concepts people have written of late and it is one book/audio you must own in your personal collection! I would most certainly say that few of the concepts he has dealt with are quite thought provoking, the way he talks about head fakes, the bricks or the setbacks which deter our progress, the so called failures and how everything plays such a beautiful role in the larger parlance of things. I believe it is more about opening up and embracing the reality and looking at it in a more productive and a fresher perspective which makes both the book and the lecture indispensable.

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