Quote Of The Day: Venture Outside Your Comfort Zone, The Rewards Are Worth It

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Quote Of The Day:

“Venture Outside Your Comfort Zone, The Rewards Are Worth It”

– Disney’s Tangled

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Quote of the day: Venture outside your comfort zone, the results will be worth it.

This is a new high for us, writing about dialogues from cartoon movies. For one reason I have always loved them cos they talk so much about impossibilities in life and that is something we really love writing about and reading about as well.

Without much ado, the first question would be

Why would anyone want to come out of the comfort zone? It is called that for a reason!

Well, if we do the same thing which we have always done, we will get the same results we have always gotten. If we want different results, we need to push our limits and do something more. Simple as that or else we would be living the very definition of insanity which Einstein talks about – Expecting different results while doing the same thing.

Well, if that is the case, then right to it – HOW?

Well this I call a good question. How to step out of the comfort zone? Well, the first step is to identify it.

It is pretty simple, something we don’t feel like doing and the immediate answer for it is no is stepping outside our comfort zone. And for you or me or anyone to step out of the comfort zone, we must decide to do it. It is not just enough to know that we need to step out of the comfort zone. We know a lot of things, that is exact problem, we need to step out of it and start doing.

And now, here are a few ways you can step out of the comfort zone

1) Ask yourself – Are you doing anything better?

– Don’t tell me or yourself that you don’t have time. That is not the question – Are you doing anything better. If the answer is no, then maybe it makes sense to pick it up. The worst that can happen is that you may fail at it and in return you get some experience which is still better than doing nothing!

2) What is the catch?

What do you lose if you do it? If the answer is NOTHING, even if you don’t get anything out of it, do it anyway. The results can sometimes be more than what we can fathom. The funny thing about our imagination is that it is limited by the experiences we have sometimes. Step out of that and go in that path just for the fun of it.

3) What is it that you might enjoy in this? 

What can you enjoy in this experience by venturing out of the comfort zone? What can you use in the future? Is it a field you would like to know something in? If the answer is yes to any of these, then all the more reason to do it.

4) What is it that you lose? 

Again just time is not a justifiable answer. Sometimes money too is not a justified answer. If what you gain out of it is more than what you lose, then it is time that you step out of that comfort zone.

5) If not anything.. 

If not anything, you will gain an amazing story out of it which can surely entertain yourself and broaden your horizon about the sense of humor. The moment you are in a place where you can laugh about your follies, success is really closer than you think.

These are our top 5 tips about stepping out of the comfort zone. Do write to us about your experiences of stepping out of the comfort zone, we would love to hear some stories 🙂 .

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10 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day: Venture Outside Your Comfort Zone, The Rewards Are Worth It

  1. Have you ever noticed that how almost all the protagonists of all cultures – Hensel and Gretel, Beauty, Snow-white, Ram, Pandavas… have to go through a wood/forest/exile/out of their comfort zone and by comfort I mean routine here, and all of them emerge out better and braver.. So, I agree with your points here Vinay 🙂 A nice post 🙂

    1. Ha ha ha I didnt quite catch on the forest and coming out of it part. Now that you mention it, I can see it, they all have a pattern :).. Thank you Kokila, it is good to be back and it is great to be seeing your thoughts here. I certainly missed interacting with you people :)..

        1. 🙂 Good to have you back too. Will look forward to more of your posts and of course more interaction :).. I have found that these interactions have thoroughly helped in coming up with more posts and topics for the site and of course helped elevate the level of thought :)..

    1. True Maniparna. Comfort zone is kinda nice to settle down for a while, but it is a big trap sometimes and sometimes time goes off so fast that even the comfort zone starts getting really uncomfortable. So much for the irony eh? 😉

  2. I really like number two. If you have nothing to lose then you should definitely do it. And if you think you won’t get anything out of it, you actually will. You can gain more confidence, and be happier with yourself.

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