The power of flower- Thought Provoking

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I started my morning with the religious browsing which I do it as a routine. I came across a page with classic photographs, the photographs which provokes your mind. I am sharing one such photo which  touched my heart .

the power of flower
Image courtesy : Bernie Boston


This beautiful picture was captured by Bernie Boston. This is a 1967 photograph featuring the Vietnam War Protesters inserting flowers into the rifle barrels of National Guardsmen. Such a powerful picture. Isn’t it?

I have been writing a lot about humbleness, humanitarian works and kindness for now. I think I have started to bore you but I promise I would write more about the same and bore you more 😀  because photographs, instances, people and their acts like this makes us appreciate the beautiful world we live in.

We have plenty of dreadful, beastly and brutal things happening around us which shades off many good deeds done by the good souls. Respect to the man who wanted to plant the flowers into the rifle, respect to him for taking initiative to make the world a better place, respect to him for showing us that  goodness prevails in the world.

If you see, there are many people around you who are striving hard to contribute their goodness to the society. Let’s appreciate them and if possible lets join them to create a much better world because “The world you live is full of beautiful things, just like you.” 🙂

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7 thoughts on “The power of flower- Thought Provoking

  1. Salute to the man who is courage enough to place himself at gun point to deliver the message of peace. Nice find Vidya.

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