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Somehow today, it feels apt to write about this topic – optimism in the power of two. Often I have wondered what relationships mean and each time I did, I came up with some beautiful definitions, each one more fulfilling than the other. It is more than about two people living together, it is about two of them sharing their lives, the thoughts, emotions and basically the principles that define us.

It is very hard to pick up a day when you feel connected to the person you love. There are so many such moments and it becomes incredibly hard to try and pick one to day that this was the most special one. In the recent past, one of the most memorable conversations I had was with my significant other. We were talking about life in general and I was talking about the journey in my career and how the priorities had shaped.

Through the conversation, I realized that all I have done so far is just follow my gut and do what I felt was right. I have never worried too much about the consequences, nor the society and sometimes have turned a deaf ear to the demands of the family. Perhaps there was just too much on my mind or perhaps I was too self-centred. I will never know the answer to that and I feel that both of them might be equally right. I realized that I was so caught up in living life as an entrepreneur that I really turned a deaf ear to what was happening in the family. I wasn’t as busy as I thought I was and I spent my free time – well I don’t even remember where.

No! This post is not a confession, not even about feeling bad about what happened. I wanted to introspect myself and understand how I could make amends, how I could stand up to the responsibilities of a family and live up to them. I realized that I was missing something very basic. Although the entrepreneurial journey did offer a lot to smile, I really missed out on the conversations within, I missed contributing to the daily needs of the family. I kept telling myself that I was independent and I was ok as long as I was not a pressure on them. But that didn’t exonerate me from my responsibilities as well, did they?

As Preethi pointed out, well – it is never too late to do a good thing. We all feel bad about the things we have not done, life is really not about that. It is more about understanding what could be done and doing it. It is more about actions than just the thought. I guess that’s probably when I realized how beautiful things can be made. I have been a huge fan of a quote – “It’s a beautiful thing about life, no matter how messed up things are, you can always clean it up”. And responsibility is not just taking everything on your shoulders and solve every problem on earth. It is about being there and responding to it and doing something about it within our power.

Well, that was the moment of optimism and that is what togetherness meant, something which makes us live our lives at its best and respond to these beautiful emotions. Thank you for such a beautiful prompt by  LookUp housing which believes in the power of optimism. If you are thinking of starting a new life with someone, planning to give a new shape or home to life, it might be one of the sites you would like to consider.


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