Perseverance is Not A Long Race, It Is Many Short Ones Together – Walter Elliot

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Perseverance is not a long race:

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Quote of the day: Perseverance is not a long race;

Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after another.

– Walter Elliott

This is perhaps as real as it gets. We have all heard so many glorifying views about perseverance as to how it is the single most essential aspect of success in life. It made me wonder sometimes whether it is this magical quality which a few people possess making them extremely successful while the rest wondered what it was.

That is probably because most of the quotes out there end up glorifying a simple aspect. If we were to break down perseverance into simple, understandable terms, it simply means following one single goal or multiple goals with a common theme to make us achieve the bigger goal we are focussed on. In other words, a large goal can be split into multiple small ones and we can focus on achieving these. For example, if we want to become the richest man in the world – the secret is no doubt in being perseverant about it, living it and breathing it every single day of our life.

But that goal is way too large to fathom if you are starting from a competitive ground. If you haven’t split this one goal into timelines and targets, it is very hard to get there unless you expect a miracle or a lottery ticket giving you a million dollars which you would invest in a super successful venture which makes you a billionaire – easy peasy right?  And we can all persevere to get there, but it doesn’t work unless we split that into achievable goals, unless we make that more tangible.

And that is what perseverance is – it is these smaller targets to achieve, the smaller incremental goals which can lead you to the place you want. As we achieve these smaller targets, we gain higher capacity to achieve the incremental, more challenging goals.  Although we all learn from failures, it is only success on which we build on. And that is why perseverance or achieving a goal cannot be one single race or goal, it needs to be more tangible, it needs to be more real which can be done splitting it into achievable, time based targets/short races.

Well, that was our meaning of “Perseverance is not a long race” – It is quite impossible to hit a target which is 10/20 years away. We got to live in the now, but the now has to lead us somewhere and that is something which will make all the difference – A long term focus on all our short term goals. Well, this was pretty much our understanding. I am pretty sure our readers will benefit from your thoughts on the quote, after all – we are much after the truth that matters to all of us. Please do share your thoughts below, eager to hear from you.

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