The perception of perfection!

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Cameroon Russel – one of America’s top super models, a victoria’s secrets model delivers a beautiful talk at Ted Talks where she talks about perceived perfection. the body image and the power of presentation. I am sure the name would have caught some attention now, so let us head to the talk without much ado.

Here are some of the things you will get to see in the video, you will get to see her change on the stage! You will realize that it is not just a pretty face smiling for some commercial, you see a person, a very well educated and a smart woman who knows what she is talking about. She talks about beauty, its perception, perfection, skin tone and what not. I promise you that it is not a talk about how to wear make up, it is about those little things which make us human, which make us think beyond what just appears to the eye which make us question ourselves about our beliefs and thoughts. There is a lot more to the video than words can compel. Here you go..

Here are a few questions which Cameroon answers in this video 

  • How do you become a model?
  • Can you be a model? What does it take to be one?
  • Are the photos retouched? Do people look the same way they do on screen?
  • Do you get free stuff since you are a model? The free clothes and shoes, perfumes and what not!
  • What is it like to be a model? Is it all that glamorous where you get to see so much, meet so many wonderful people, is there a downside at all? It sure doesn’t seem like that!

Why are we sharing this video? 

– Sheer honesty, sheer honesty in every front. She takes the talks to a whole new level in her honesty, sharing the simple problems she has right from insecurity to how lucky she has been to be where she is now. Cameroon Russel doesn’t just give you a talk which is about the life stories, nor those regular motivational talks which keep telling you that you can do it. But there is a powerful subliminal message as she talks.

I am trying to decipher here as to what makes the talk so compelling and so soothing and at the same time elevating. I am yet to come up with a few words, but I can certainly say that it is a beautiful video and I can assure you that you can enjoy listening to this lovely lady speak.


17 thoughts on “The perception of perfection!

  1. that was an awesome video seriously, thanks for sharing, i am glad to know that supermodels think and speak in such a frank and convincing way.

    1. Thank you Lata. Glad you liked the video. I don’t know what it was but I kept feeling that there was something very powerful in this video. Maybe the thought that
      1) Models think
      2) They are actually a lot more than flesh and skin
      3) Above all it is the personality that makes such a charismatic difference 🙂

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