22 thoughts on “People will make you feel like crap, but only if you let them!

  1. Many people are too interested in other people’s business, and are very generous with unwanted questions and unsolicited advice. You are absolutely correct: it’s up to you whether or not to let such people affect you.

    1. He he, so very true. I still fail to understand why people are pouncing with suggestions and advices, esp when we don’t want to be anywhere near them? Is it a vicarious victory, is it the addiction to give gyaan, or is it plain supercilious behaviour trying to look down upon us? Gosh, if only we could tell them all these…

  2. Nice to read…felt nice. Freedom zindabaad. And yes remember this is one BIG milestone too. So Congratulations for that. Another thing once u realize that people not only make u feel like crap but also have the tendency to harm you…I suggest don’t go out of ur way thinking ur goodness will bring them around. That never happens. My suggestion…just stay away from such…ie once you realize. Ur own experiences will teach u what I mean. Stay happy…and once again cheers to that…what u did.

    1. Thank you Shivani, nice to hear from you :). I certainly agree, it is a BIG milestone for sure.

      He he, I agree, Gandhigiri might not be the best thing, but here is an article where we did find Gandhigiri a little impressive -http://inspire99.com/gandhigiri-why-not/

      Above all it is happiness that matters the most. I am sure Vidya will be extremely happy reading such a lovely comment.


  3. This is a wonderful post- frequently, particularly youngsters are bound to face this problem of questions from those who are seemingly their well wishers. Your decision on the way to respond is apt & superb..

    1. Thank You Rajeev. This incident was the highlight of the day. It’s an every house problem and I have faced a lot in fact. No matter how well you do in life there are people to point out one or the other. Let them enjoy there freedom of speech and let us enjoy our lives 🙂

  4. True true true…….
    It would be nice to hear from elders too if they feel such situations cropping up even now.Eventually we(youngsters) can comfort saying its a generation gap of interpreting 🙂 🙂
    Well,having said that, one should be able to distnguish between real well wishers to others for our own well being.

    1. Thank you Satya :). Oh I am sure the elderly folks would also feel the same. I am a firm believer that life is a fair circle. If there is a 30 year old giving gyaan to a 20, then there is a 40 year old for the 30 and so on… ;). It has to be a fair game right? 😉 😀

  5. Comparison is the thief of joy. Focus on your own achievements and blessings, and realize that you have probably come a long way.
    Nice post Vinay !!
    we should try to let go of such people in life for a happier world !!! 🙂

    1. Thank you Veena, the credit goes to Vidya for the beautiful post :). True, I think we should start letting go quite a lot of them to be happier. That’s what I guess is called growing up, kinda sucks though 😀

  6. So true…people will walk all over you only if you allow them to.Love your bold way of giving it back to him.You only become more learned with every failure.Nice read!

    1. Thank you Vinodni :). Welcome to Inspire99, nice to see your thoughts on the post. The credit definitely goes to Vidya, I have always loved the idea of standing up to something you believe in, the spirit of rebellion has been an amazing and an eternal source of energy. To know that this was displayed so well is a beautiful feeling 🙂

  7. “now I see I was a fool, a fool to underestimate oneself.”…that is an amazing set of words…the best i have read in your blog so far. simple effective and strong… loved it!!!! may i please share these words with my friends? As far as the post is concerned, I too have been through several people who consider that we are privileged to hear their advice!! :O its best we put a stop to it by speaking out at the right time…like you have mentioned. well written 🙂 I guess i have grown out of all those times…and learned from them.

    1. Thank you Preethi, thanks so much :). The credit goes to Vidya, it is completely her words all through :). I am sure she will be extremely happy seeing this.. Oh yes yes please :).

      I really hate the way they patronize when people give us advise or gyaan, esp when we don’t want any, that too from them! Well, having said that, I guess everything has a place in our lives and perhaps these too. Maybe how we start responding to them makes all the difference 🙂

    2. Thank you Preeti 🙂 It’s so common for us to face these people who always want to drag us to their level of thoughts . Happy to know you liked it and makes me want to write more 🙂

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