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What is communication?

If there is something that interests me as much as people and their thoughts, it is perhaps the communication which forms the fibre of who they are and what they portray to be. And with communication, I mean not just the communication we have with others externally but also the one which we have internally as well, the things we say to ourselves and how we feel about it. (How to communicate with people)

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Advantage of using swear words

I recently came across a post which talked about people who use swear words in communication, sometimes we use it out of frustration, sometimes out of anger, and sometimes just as a part of communication without knowing why we use it, it sorta takes a habitual role. The post said – “Studies show that people who use swear words are the most trust worthy and honest”. Really? I still have my doubts when I write this. I am not saying I am the most trust worthy person in the world but I sure would refrain from using certain swear words.

I do that for perhaps two reasons

1)    I don’t really believe in the idea that I should conform to the societal rules and I should talk good words so that the society would respect me. I would respectfully say –Screw the society! But one of the prime reasons why I don’t use a swear word is probably cos when I try to say something, I imagine it and it feels really bad when I try and picturize the word which I am trying to use. If I feel that bad about the word, what would the person at the receiving end feel about it? It might actually be worse than it actually feels.

2)    It is caustic, it makes me amplify the negative emotions I have. When I am angry I can say I am peeved, I can say I am annoyed or irritated or even pissed. I can even say I am F******. Agreed it might just be a word, but I am sure each of these would have a different impact on myself when I use it. When I am peeved, I am just a little off balance but when I use the F word, I am surely out of control, it makes me feel lose the thought process in its entirety and see a petty side of me which I don’t really want to be in touch with.

Are people who use swear words bad? 

I am not going to try and say that people who use swear words are bad, perhaps they are great people at heart, perhaps they are great people stuck in a wrong moment. But that is certainly not going to matter for a person meeting you for the first time. It is going to leave some impression about you on that person and it is perhaps not going to be the best one. And if it is not, then it is the additional effort again to set in the line of thought.

Are people who use swear words more trustworthy?

Well talking about the trust worthiness of a person, well maybe they are the people who are too brash, who don’t want to hold themselves back and they maybe true to the core and trust worthy as well. But isn’t it an important question as to what they are trust worthy for? It reminds me of a dialogue from Pirates of The Carribean – “A dishonest man you can trust to be dishonest but it is the honest man you have to be careful about”. If you are trusting that they are useless, then there is no point in it after all is it? I do agree that every person leaves a mark by his actions, his thoughts and how they translate into action. And I also agree to the thought that we should not be too quick to judge people either. But I am definitely someone who would be ill at ease when a swear word is looking at me in the eye.

As for the thought whether you should use a swear word or not, well I am guessing it depends on what impact those words have on you, your folks around and the situation. And finally to remember that a word is just a word, a representation of a thought which can be done in a thousand appealing ways. It is probably just about how we market ourselves!


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3 thoughts on “People who use swear words are more trustworthy?? – Communication Skills!

  1. Use of swear words do not affect me either. I really dont judge their trustworthiness by the use of such words by them. And when you said that such words will not matter to new people that we meet, I completely agree on this.
    I enjoyed reading the post, and connected myself to your way of thinking to a great extent. 🙂

    1. Thank you Anshul, nice to hear from you :). That’s a noble way to look at things, I do find it quite hard sometimes to dissociate judgement from a lot of things. Having said that, I guess we keep making an impact every moment no matter where we are and what we do. Probably the whole idea is to identify what brings out the best in us and keep doing it over and over 🙂

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