Patti Dobrowolski: Why Draw Your Dreams

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“A solitary fantasy can transform a million realities”

                                                                    – Maya Angelou

This how Patti Dobrowolski a writer, speaker, visual thinker, a business consultant starts her ted talk . This is one such talk which made me take action right away and I would love to share it with you today.

Do you have dreams which you have been putting off because of the fear, uncertainty, laziness or are you the person who knows what to do, how to do but still put it off because you somehow can’t motivate yourself to do it? Patti says 1 person out of 10 makes a change happen. I guess we have seen those days or we still see those days where we tend to lose interest in the journey towards change. We lack motivation. How do we motivate ourselves? Take 10 minutes out of your busy schedule and watch this video, you are sure to find a way to motivate yourself.

What are those dreams you want to turn into reality?

Think of the things which you always wanted to do. Starting a business? Losing weight? Learning a musical instrument? Confessing something? Making friends? Don’t worry if it’s the smallest of the smallest things that you want to change. The desire to change for you betterment is always wonderful.

Ask questions how do you do it – How do you reach your dreams?

You get what you ask from yourself. The best way to get better answers is to ask better questions. Question yourself in all the better way you can. Ask yourself- What to do? How to do? When to do? Why to do? Which way to do?

Why draw it, why draw your dreams?

A picture speaks more than 1000 words. That’s the power of a picture. We all know that seeing is believing. And when you believe in something you are sure to work on it. That’s the foundation right? You become what you believe.

What next?

Like she says,
See it– You have a picture of your wonderful desired life which makes you feel great.
Believe it– Believe it will happen and that gives you enormous positiveness.
Act on it– You have a brilliant plan, you know how to do it but you don’t act on it. So the brilliant is no more brilliant. Action is the most important thing to take to the place where you always wanted to be.

Will I do it?

Well… YES. When I saw this video I decided let me try this with my weight reduction plan. I have been putting off my dream to be in shape for some time now. Drawing my desired state makes me feel so good. This picture is a great motivator. I guess I can easily say no to fatty food, yes to work out and an absolute yes to healthy food now.
Here is my everyday motivation.

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Will you do it?

Try it and let us know.

14 thoughts on “Patti Dobrowolski: Why Draw Your Dreams

  1. Well honestly, I strongly feel that if we dream something and strongly think about achieving the same, everything else start helping us to achieve the dream and finally we live that dream. Nice post once again Vinay…

  2. Drawing the dreams is a superb idea! It’s totally got its chance on my skill level 🙂 thank you Vinay for keeping up the pace really well to make life better.

  3. nice post,well i agree with the three important thing to do and i believe that the last part is the most important one i.e. to Act and that makes the individual to achieve whatever they want in life. I am telling this because in my case i have already achieved the first two stuffs and the most important one i.e. the third is taking time and lots of efforts.

    1. Thank you Lata :). True indeed, action is one place where everything comes to the proper light. There are many who talk and they find solace in it, but unfortunately the solution is a lot different than solace. Like you said, it is only action that can make the difference! 🙂

  4. Thank you Yamini. The entire credit for this post goes to my teammate Vidya, she is doing a fantastic job at it :)..

    And it is her drawing too. I am pretty bad at drawing stuff :P.. The only thing I can do well is bug people with my posts 😀 😉

  5. Thank you Maniparna. Recently I switched to Disqus since the wordpress commenting system was giving me some problems..

    Apologies for the inconvenience.. The disqus thing is quite good though, the only catch being that it needs a registration or else everytime it would take in as a fresh guest comment :(.. Wish there was a better way..

  6. Excellent way of putting in ‘how to lead your dream into reality’ ..though there are many of stuff available on this yet your post gives it a very fine idea. I’ld also try drawing my dream..And yes all above I loved your drawing (: (: (:

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