National Youth Day: 5 Practical Pledges For You

Vivekananda: National Youth Day 2015

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This day holds a very special place in every young Indian. Every one of those Indians who has heard the powerful words of Vivekananda resonate through him. Every one of them who has nodded his eyes as they roll on these powerful messages. Everyone who has grown up idolizing this man, the beacon of strength.

Yes! It is the Jan 12, National Youth Day. A day to remember, mark and channelize the contribution of youth to the nation.

Why Vivekananda? 

There were so many icons in India, why choose Vivekananda as the idol to celebrate the Youth Day?

According to Government of India, it was felt that the philosophy of Swamiji and the ideals for which he lived and worked could be a great source of inspiration for Indian Youth.

To quote Gandhi:

He personified the eternal energy of the youth and their restless quest for truth.We must work to rekindle the eternal message of this great patriot and son of India.”

No wonder he was the best man to be chosen for the youth icon of the nation.

And here are the very principles which he stood for, which make perfect sense for every youth in the country!


Faith Fear Gratitude Love Perseverance Responsibility Self Confidence
You can find more quotes of Vivekananda here: Quotes by Swami Vivekananda

And of course his Unforgettable speech in Chicago Parliament of Religions

Well! Who better than this man to be the youth icon?

And this day is being celebrated all over the nation with pomp and splendor. Every school and college will have a speech where they sing the heroics of the man. And that’s it – another wonderful National Youth’s day.

Come on! Aren’t we bored of the same old routine? 

It is not just a symbol, it really means something. Maybe not to these people who celebrate it for their own reasons, but for us who share the spirit of youth, for us who are unwilling to give up on the mindset of youth even in our 60’s. For those in us who are the living embodiment of these principles in our own way!

We got to make it count!

What can we do for the Youth Day?

The age old ideas of pledge include topics right from the fundamental rights.

– I will strive for the universal brotherhood in the country.

– I shall respect all religions and be tolerant towards them

– I will treat women with respect and pride

– I will maintain utmost integrity to the nation and its citizens

– I will give my heart and soul for the nation.

We have heard of all these. I don’t mean to discourage anyone from doing any of these either.

But we do want to talk about a few simpler pledges we can take:

 Some realistic pledges?
  • I will take complete responsibility of my emotions.

I will promise that I will do everything it takes to make me happy and strive to make myself feel better.

I am not saying that I will never feel bad, but I am saying that I will strive and find ways out of this.

  •  I won’t mind taking risks.

I don’t say that I am not going to be afraid at all. I will be scared, I will be down at times, but I will make a pledge to work my way through it. I promise to build my character through these challenges and not by avoiding them.

  • I will not pass up on an opportunity to make someone smile.

It is not because I am saint, it is also not because I am a great man. But I realize that I am at my happiest when I know that I am a reason for someone else’s smile.

  •  I will make it a point to appreciate something in everyone I see.

We all go through terrible challenges in life don’t we. Everyone does! There is a beautiful story behind everyone and the very spirit to fight through these challenges is a mighty inspiration to say the least. I will make sure to appreciate the story of each person I meet.

If not the whole story, at least something which I find fascinating.

  •  I will be more curious than decisive.

We all know of the age old quote

 “Thinking is difficult, that’s why most people judge”


It is very easy to judge someone isn’t it? Someone does something we don’t like – we label them bad.

Someone makes us happy – we label them saints.

But what gives us the right? Who are we to say whether something is right or wrong.

And if we do that, don’t we miss out on the amazement of life? The opportunity of being curious.

For example why does someone react that way?

What is the motivating factor to react that way?

What would I do better if I was in their place?

There are so many more ways to be curious.

I do know that you have great plans for the youth’s day and many more better resolutions too.

But we strongly urge you to pick any of these or if possible all of these.

Not because we wrote about it, but because you deserve nothing short of the best.

Happy Youth’s Day! 🙂

And what is your pick for the day? 🙂


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  1. Inspiring article sir. From today onwards I try my best to be more realistic and start facing the challenge s with open arms.

    • Thank you Khelendra :). Wishing you the very best. Please do keep us posted, would love to hear from you on this. I have loved exploring this dimension and today sure is a great day to get things started..

      All the very best mate.

  2. Awesome post Vinay, honestly other than Vivekanand there is no single face out here whom you can claim as the national youth icon or an inspiration for youths….

    • Thank you Alok. I thoroughly enjoyed writing this post. It took about 3 Hrs to complete this but I wanted to give something different. Felt really great through the entire post..

      Vivekananda is no doubt the best icon one could ever hope for. And the number of reasons which make him the perfect match sure keep mounting 🙂

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