Narendra Modi : Whether You Like Him Or Not

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Narendra Modi : Whether You Respect Him Or Not, You Cannot Say No To This

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Narendra Modi : Whether You Respect Him Or Not, You Cannot Deny This

It’s the birthday of our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi today. The man who brought some interest in elections among the youngsters. He is undoubtedly a controversial prime Minister of India. Even today we have mixed opinions by people about him. On this special occasion of his birthday let’s remember his achievements and his inspiring personality.


  • In 1995, Modi was elected as the BJP national secretary
  • He was 4 times consecutively the chief Minister of Gujarat (2001-2014)
  • He brought tremendous improvement in Gujarat. He has made Gujarat a better place either with the Gujarat International Finance Tech-city, Rural development, Agriculture Growth, Gujarat State Wide Area Network , improving the industrial sector or by the empowerment of people or diminish corruption.
  • He led the BJP in the 2014 general election, which resulted in an outright majority for the party in the Lok Sabha


It Doesn’t matter Where You Come from :

You have heard a lot about a boy selling tea becoming a prime minister? It been overheard many times, isn’t it? Yet its something commendable and inspiring to see and I can’t miss this point to mention. Modi was born into a lower middle class family in Gujarat. He helped his father sell tea to train passengers at the railway station and ran a tea stall during his teenage days.

Luck is mostly about the things you are granted in life, like family and financial state and rest of all the things that you conquer in life is your efforts alone.

Service Motive:

Modi was a patriot ever since his childhood. It was the time of the India-Pakistan War in 1965, the 15 year old Modi volunteered to serve the soldiers in transit at railway stations. He also served the flood affected people of Gujarat when he was 17 years old. Would you do so much in your teen days? I don’t know. May be I would have offered sympathy to people and try helping them financially but here was a boy who did that little extra to help people and serve the nation.

Every Child is Talented:

Modi is described as an average student who had keen interest in debates. You can totally agree with this right? He knows what he talks and talks so right to impress people and you will not say no if I say that his speeches impressed millions of Indians during elections and still continues to impress people. We all have that one special thing which is so exclusive that we often don’t make an effort to realize. In the rush of scoring the best grades we somehow let our talents fade away.

Hard Work:

A must attribute with all the great personalities in the world. When he was the CM of Gujarat, he worked from 7am to 10pm or even late some times. I don’t know his working hours as a PM but I guess as the stature increased the work pressure and work hours has also increased.

Respect Every Single Work You Do:

When he was at the RSS Office in Delhi, he used to start his day at 4am by cleaning the office. He worked serving teas and breakfast to his colleagues, washed the utensils and completely worked as an office boy. Had he not done his work with love and respect he would have not reached where he is today.

Books About/By Modi

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7 thoughts on “Narendra Modi : Whether You Like Him Or Not

  1. Modi certainly speaks very well. He seems to be inspired by Swami Vivekananda. Modi has courage of conviction. Modi has one blot in his career at this time, that is Gujarat riot. To show that Modi is unbiased administrator, I think he should rein in fringe elements in Sangh Parivar. Otherwise, best intentions of Modi may come cropper. Happy birthday to Mr. Modi.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I agree the point you mentioned, he is very religious because of which people often consider him to be biased. As you said his intentions can be mistaken.
      I hope people start seeing him over the religious issues.

  2. Honestly I was thinking to read this blog from last 2-3 days, but since the site was having some issues I was not getting the chance to read it. Honestly I am a big fan of Narendra Modi from the day he became the CM of Gujarat. I truly believes that he is providing the strong leadership to India, to be very frank what oppositions are charging against him is totally baseless, these things are quite common, but what he is providing to the nation is truly incredible.

    Thanks Vidyashree for sharing such a nice post.

    1. Thank you Alok. I agree with what you said. He is a great leader. His strategies and ideas to make India a developed country looks promising. His talks are powerful and sensible. Hope he brings that revolution which Indians are waiting for.

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