Mothers Day : 5 Creative Ways To Celebrate This Mothers Day With This Incredible Woman

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This Sunday, the 10th May marks an auspicious day – Mothers day in the honor of our mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers to the family and the society. The roots of mothers day go back to two women – Julia Ward and Anna Jarvis. Julia Ward sponsored Mothers day in the 1870’s to about 10 years to promote disarmament with women. The first record of mothers day was when Anna Jarvis organized it in 1908 at a church in West Virginia.


This festival which originated in US is now celebrated in more than 100 countries across the world and is slowly growing to be a festival in the lines of valentines day and rightly so. We thought we could commemorate this post for all those wonderful mothers out there.

I won’t make a fool of myself by trying to say how important mothers are in our lives. I wouldn’t even dare to address what all being a mother means. It is all beyond words for me and all I know is a few simple gestures we can make to make this day as special for them as possible. For it is one of the most important persons in your life and they deserve nothing but the best.

And how do you celebrate this day?

The shopping routine!

Well, whether it is a birthday or an anniversary or any special event, the person who gains the most is a shopkeeper. And sometimes I wonder if these days are marketed just to promote these products! Well, for all those who are satisified with that – you really have very kind and forgiving mothers. If we want to make it a little more special, why not take it a notch higher?

So, here are a few thoughts as to how you can make mothers day a little special and a little personalized

1) Don’t just buy a card, making one is not that hard

Of course you will get a great collection of cards, specially designed for this day. I have nothing against the shopkeepers, even they have to thrive to keep the economy running. All I talking about is a little personalization to it. I know it is a little too much to expect to do a card from the scratch, esp in our busy schedules. But how about some small changes

– Maybe a ribbon to it which has a special meaning to her

– The choice of words inside. Don’t just go in for the cliched standard write ups – tell her how special she is in your life

– Instead of buying a card why not write a simple letter and gift it to her? Tell her what you feel about her and tell her how much of an influence she has been in your life

2) Book a play together or take a walk

Movies is one end, somehow they don’t seem to convey the same effect. Book a slot for a nice play, take her to a dinner after that or how about a small walk. Sometimes all you need is a little connection.

3) Cook something

We all have cakes to celebrate our Bday’s and the bakerys do a good job at it. However, you can still make it special. Give her a break from the kitchen, surprise her with a small breakfast. It need not be the yummiest thing on earth, just the thought that you are doing it makes a huge difference to her.

4) A get together

Sometimes, nothing speaks as great as a grand gesture. Just call in the people who matter the most to you, organize for some dinner and drinks and have a great time. You can add a speech to make it all the more special 🙂


You can book a spa or a massage or do any of those standard things available in the market. But all those activities finally convey a message that you remember and that is all it does. It doesn;t do anything more cos there is no effort involved in it.

If you want to make it memorable, you got to do a little something on your own. You got to be creative and you got to bring in your thoughts and a little time together and there you have a wonderful gift than the same ol standard routines.

In the end, all they want is to know that you love spending time with them 🙂

So, what are you planning for this mothers day?

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10 thoughts on “Mothers Day : 5 Creative Ways To Celebrate This Mothers Day With This Incredible Woman

  1. Nice post Vinay. Yes, nothing can replace the personal touch of a handmade card, and nothing can be a better gift than time spent together. 🙂

    1. Thank you Somali. I honestly find it very difficult to find a perfect gift for someone who means so much to you. And the final answer I come up with is Time and actually customizing our gift to their wishes.. Sometimes all they need is a simple reminder that we appreciate them so much and they mean so much in our lives.

  2. In todays materialistic world we are forgetting, like everything, our mothers. We forget how she stayed awake when we were unwell in childhood, how she tried to assuage our distress when we were in pain, how she would protect us from everything evil. In our tradition, it is said mother and mother land both are higher than heaven. Every day should be mothers day. Without mothers where will we be?

    1. True Abhijit. I think we are taking a lot of things for granted in this fast paced world or maybe we are just blaming the world for what we find easy and comfortable to do. Somehow the human values seem to have taken the backstage and it seems to be a fancy to celerate these days than actually be with the people who we love the most and mean so much to us. Such an irony, isn’t it?

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