Inspiring Mother Theresa Quotes And Their Meaning

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Inspiring Mother Theresa Quotes:

Mother Theresa has been the symbol of kindness and empathy for ages and her words have always made us stop and think about others before being completely involved within ourselves. As we talk about the Mother Theresa quotes today, there are a plenty which come to our mind.

Mother Theresa quotes 1:

It is easy to be proud and selfish, mother theresa quotes, mother theresa inspiration, mother theresa motivation, inspirational quotes

“It is easy to be proud and selfish – So easy. We are created for better things” 

  • Mother Theresa

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Most often, we are trained to react to each situation based on the outcome and what impact it has on our lives. Naturally, we think about the various solutions to come out of these situations and prepare ourselves to reach the best outcome we desire. In doing, so, we miss out on a beautiful aspect of life – how these decisions can have an impact on others. Wait, we are not suggesting that we should live our entire life for the sake of others and not ourselves. It would be too hard to do that.

What we suggest here is just a small awareness and a thought as to how this response is going to impact the people around us, what their reaction is going to be about it. As Mother Theresa says, it is fairly easy to think about ourselves because we can see it and create a picture around it. It takes more than that to step into someone else’s shoes and see how it can make a difference.

Maybe that can have a stronger impact on our lives as well. Maybe it enables us to listen more and respond in a sustainable way, not just helping ourselves but helping others as well in the process. I understand that this post in particular seems very abstract, but so is the definition of empathy. It is very hard to put a tangible aspect to it. With this prelude, we move to…

Mother Theresa Quotes 2:


“Be Faithful In small things because it is in them that your strength lies” 

Mother Theresa

We have all been quite used to the idea that an achievement is this one big thing that is going to sweep our lives and we are all going to be rich, famous and noticed from the society. Unfortunately the truth is that, success and recognition are highly overrated. The media tends to talk about the people in news and the question somewhat boils down to how much news you are able to create and that is the end of it.

But there is something more real, more powerful aspect to being who you are. Who you are is in these small things we do, the way we respond to people, the times we care about someone, the things we feel strongly for and own up to a few responsibilities. Of course the big things come, but they come not everyday, and most times when they come, we don’t even realise that they are there. But we do realise that we have got something stronger, something more meaningful to offer and that is always in those little things we do – As we have always said – Little things don’t mean a lot in life, they mean everything. I might be taking these words from the book of Anthony Robbins, but that doesn’t make it any less true. And who we are, what we stand for is a much larger success than anything else this world could ever offer us.

Mother Theresa Quotes 3:

Mother theresa we cannot always do great things, mother theresa quotes collection, mother theresa life quotes, mother theresa inspiration

In this life we cannot always do great things. But we can do small things with great love.

-Mother Teresa

Well, all I can say when I look at this quote is – True that. Most times when we read the stories of these achievers who have done so many things in life, it makes us aspire to reach a life up to their level. We tend to model ourselves upon them and try to do things in the same order.

But the truth is that we know very little about the way they did this all. All we know are about the things they did when they have become popular, all we know is the story which is projected by the media and the books that have been written about them.

And we all know that any written piece or a rendition of someone would only be subject to the person writing it. And there is a great tendency to glorify a few things and miss out on a few which seem very mundane and regular. In that pursuit, we often miss out on what really makes them so powerful. And more often than not, the answer lies in the little things they do and the little things we do which are comparable to our idols and sometimes better than that. And that is a great starting point to create the difference – the amount of love and conviction we add to each of these small tiny steps, they go a long way in creating the definition of who we really are and can be. And that is our quote from Mother Theresa today,

In this life we cannot always do great things. But we can do small things with great love.

-Mother Teresa

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  1. Very well explained, Vinay One needs to be honest from within to be good with people…empathy is rare to see these days, unfortunately… 🙁

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