The Mind Always Looks For What is Unjust And Unfair

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The Unjust Unfair World!

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The mind always looks for what is unjust and unfair

It is funny how our values, thoughts and perceptions keep changing over the years. I remember that in my formative years, I was taught that life is always fair – all you have to do to succeed in life is to work really hard and the results will come to you. And trust me, I went by that statement in almost a blindfolded manner. I believed every word of it and to be honest with you, I believe it even now or rather like to think so.

Too Naive or Innocent? 

But yes, that doesn’t mean that I am being naive and turning a deaf ear towards all the unjust and unfair things in the world – They are there too. Just because I believe in one thing, it doesn’t mean that I don’t believe the other. Although they sound counter logical, there is no reason why they cannot co-exist!

The first belief helps us think, it helps to keep us on track and keep working hard towards the goal we dream of. We need that innocence to chase a goal, to feel that we need to put in everything we got. That is the only way to indulge in what we truly believe in. It makes us keep away all those negative feelings, those fears and doubts about putting in the necessary hard work. I would like to call this the power of innocence in chasing your dreams.

The Harsh Reality! 

At the same time, we are bound to see the unfair, unjust things around us. We will see people who have more resources, time or even power and influence to achieve the same goals you are after. In fact, it might even be very easy for them to achieve this goal, even though it is awfully difficult for you or me. There is no denial here, there is a certain set of people who will be born with the silver or golden spoon. That unfortunately is not our choice.

Our choice is in what we decide to make of it. We can put both of our hands over our head, brood over it, curse the world we live in and feel sad about it over and over again. We can create a very good analysis of why we will never be able to achieve some things in life – after all, life is unfair and unjust. But isn’t this true?

“What you sow is what you reap” 

The more we focus on something, the more it becomes a reality. I understand it is never easy to turn away from the pressing problems, injustice or even the unfair treatment. But then again, life is also about choosing the battles we want to fight. I for one would like to push myself toward the one which keeps me inspired and makes me feel that there are enough reasons to smile. After all, it is a life of perspectives and choices, why not choose the one which benefits us the most?

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7 thoughts on “The Mind Always Looks For What is Unjust And Unfair

  1. Every bright side has a dark side and so is our lives. As you said, some are born with silver spoon but isn’t it the experiences and hard work that counts for any happiness? Those experiences especially the failures are what emerges us stronger and higher. And yes, it’s up to us to choose what life we want to live.

    1. Hi Raj, great to hear from you :). I couldn’t say it any better, it can bring some amazing personal development phases. There is a trick in these perceptions isn’t it? The more we look at life to thank for the things we have, the more we find. On the other hand, there are so many things which are unfair and unjust also! :).. Perhaps the best thing is the belief system we create for ourselves and that is always under our control 🙂

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