5 Practical Thoughts To Identify and Act on The Meaning of Life

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The meaning of life

Meaning of life, self improvement, inspire99, inspiration, motivationSounds extremely philosophical right?! But I am sure that at least at one point of time, we all have thought about it and wondered about the purpose of our existence. Today we are going to explore a few more thoughts which we face when we are ask ourselves this question.

Most often, this question pops up when we are thinking about our careers and planning to make a switch. Ideally it is the situation when we are trying to figure out what we want to do with our lives and identify the purpose or the meaning of life. It is a conscious effort to identify who we really are and what makes us unique when compared to the many around us. We are not entirely sure we will be able to figure out the meaning of life for you, but we will talk about what this thought brings out in you and how we can channel it for a productive outcome.

Whenever you are puzzled this question about the meaning of life, it will be quite useful to do these

Your Priorities:

What are your priorities in life? – And this can be anything ranging from the most tangible aspect money to the most intangible ones in the form of love, adding value to someone else’s life. But it is extremely important to identify what that means to you and how much it does. The question is – If there was one thing in life you would like people to know you for – what would that be? The answer for this can lead you to the next step.

Quantify your priority:

The moment you identify what you stand for, the next question is – how do you know that you have achieved your goal? How would you know that you are in the process of identifying the purpose and meaning of your life. And that converts this priority into a goal since there is something quantifiable which can be realised.

Setting up to Win:

The moment you define your priority and then convert it into a goal, the next step is splitting that one large goal into multiple sectors. This way, you know that there are achievable parts of this goal which makes the goal more realistic and understandable. If we look at it as a whole, it will be difficult to fit in the meaning of life into one small goal. It has to be multiple small goals and you need to be in a position to identify that there are these small steps and achievements which can take you towards that large goal.


None of the goals are ever real unless you have a deadline to them. I see the difficulty in saying that it will be difficult to put in a deadline if you say your purpose is ‘Love’ or friendship or care or any of those intangibles. But we both know that we cannot hide behind the intangibles, we need to do something solid and identifiable. Or else it just becomes a wishful thinking.

So, it becomes extremely vital to set a deadline for these small goals to reach which is going to take your towards the larger goal. The process in itself can be an extremely rewarding aspect of the discovery of meaning of life.


We all need to start somewhere. The cultural tuning at some aspect says that the purpose of life is meant to be one thing and nothing ever should change it. But we are strong believers of evolution and understand that our goals and priorities change as well. And that is completely fine as well. As long as we are in the process to achieve this big thing we are after which we feel so strongly about, we are heading somewhere produtive.

As with any action, the way we are going to do it changes by the week and sometimes by the day as well. The question is all about the bigger picture and in the larger scale of things, a little conscious effort can take us a long way in unlocking the meaning of life.

The above set of steps will not give you the complete solution, but they sure can create a beautiful launchpad for the thoughts to flourish. Hope you find them useful! Kindly share your thoughts with us, we are very appreciative of an honest critique of your thoughts so that we can make a better effort in understanding and reaching out to our readers.

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3 thoughts on “5 Practical Thoughts To Identify and Act on The Meaning of Life

  1. It’s difficult to decipher the purpose of life. True. But the points mentioned here no doubt help to provide a meaningful outlook towards life. Well-written as always, Vinay… 🙂

  2. Vinay, the poits enlisted by you definitely gives direction to life…and I very much believe this should be the thought process for people who are young and starting career and life per se. But I have found while you grow old…the meaning of life and with it priorities change. Life just does not limit itself to career and profession. ANd then the discovery of meaning of life ironically turns out to be the journey of life itself. 🙂

  3. When basic necessities are met, identifying our priorities provide the direction for us to figure out what is meaningful at that point of time in life. Of course the priorities are moving targets too. 🙂

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