Malala invites India and Pak PM to Nobel ceremony

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Malala invites India and Pak PM to Nobel ceremony

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Malala Invites India Pak PM for Nobel Ceremony

It is beautiful to see the news clip today. The headlines read

“Malala invites the prime ministers of India and Pakistan to the Nobel ceremony”

It’s now the news of the last week that Malala and Kailash satyarthi are sharing the Nobel peace prize this year. I wondered if there was a thought behind this Nobel was a futuristic thought that it would lay foundation for better relations between India and pakistan. But maybe that was a little far fetched.

But today’s news item makes me smile- this Nobel is being dubbed as the Indo-Pak peace Nobel prize. Well lets not get into the debate as to what exactly it is and why it is being considered so.

We can recall that a couple of days ago, UN denied request from Pakistan to intervene in the Kashmir issue sending a clear message that this problem could be solved only by bilateral talks. And we all know how challenging it has been to set up a bilateral talk between the two nations.

But perhaps this is the best time and opportunity for the bilateral talks to have a head start. It sure is a prestigious ceremony to have the heads of the two sparring nations visit and also provide them an opportunity to interact. I do agree that this is too soon to say how the talks are going to take shape but this gesture from Malala is truly a splendid one and if this leads to bilateral talks and peace between the two nations- then I guess the Nobel prize and its purpose would truly reach its ultimate goal!

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