Making Money Isn’t about What You Learnt in School – Robert Kiyosaki

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Making Money isn’t about that!

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Making money isn’t about what you learnt in School – Robert Kiyosaki

Making money is not about what you learnt in school. it is about strengths, values, weaknesses and interests – Robert Kiyosaki

This is a very interesting quote to be writing on today. To be fair, I come from a background of academics where people have always valued the theoretical aspect of knowledge and constantly believed that making money is directly proportional to the amount of knowledge you have and every well read, high scoring candidate will make tonnes of money and be happy about it all his/her life.

Thankfully I also come from a place where a lot of my friends are from business families and me an entrepreneur of having run a company over the last five years. If you had asked me about this quote 5 years ago, I might have strongly contested against it and said it didn’t make any sense. But now, after having a new perspective I realise that making money has got nothing to do with the amount of degrees you have got or the way you have excelled in life. I have many a ‘Topper’ friend who I am sure will agree to it.

So, that brings us to the question, what is the secret of making money? The quote obviously says it is about values, strengths, interests and weaknesses. Ok, that seems to ring a bell somewhere, but how does one translate that into real money? I mean, it all perfect and right, but what does it actually mean? And what are these values and interests which get us there and help us make some money? The answer seems pretty hazy to me.

But the quote does help me to understand that at least just knowledge and hard work doesn’t necessarily mean making money. I realise that it takes more than that to make money or the fame or the richness the world recognises. I think there are a certain set of patterns and mindsets which help these people achieve the heights they have reached and the good news is that we can replicate the mindset to our own lives. (Not that I am trying to say money is the most important thing in life, I am just trying to debate how to get there and make that happen for us).

So yeah, there is something more than mere education for making money – that is what I gather from this. The real answer to figure is what these values and interests are and try to make the most of it. More importantly, I understand that there are various streams and interests where the money making aspect can be translated to, we just need to identify the best fit and work accordingly. The biggest take away for me from this quote was that making money takes different skills and mindset and a good start can be to reflect on those lines. I really liked the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill (Links to a pdf of e book) – it might give some starters in that direction and more importantly talking to people who have actually done that and reached the goals which you would like to achieve.

Well, these were our thoughts on the making money quote, please do share your views – after all, we are trying to figure out the truth which makes most sense to us.

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    1. Ah nice, I hadn’t connected that in my mind, cool :). I absolutely love that quote from 3 idiots, they have established that beautifully throughout the movie and also the dialogue.. Splendid one 🙂

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