Katharia: Not 1 But 3 Forged Certificates?

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Well! It looks like an exciting time to be on the news front. The news channels are blaring the forged certificates from the past two dates and it seems that things get more exciting.

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Not 1 But 3 Forged Certificates
The Issue:

The union Deputy HRD minister has been accused of not 1 but 3 forged certificates. Allegedly, the minister Katharia has forged his BA marks sheets from 43 marks in Hindi to 53 and 42 in English to 52 to get a teaching job in the Agra University. And he is also charged of forging his masters scores from 38 to 73! Quite an irony isn’t it and the man is now a human resource development minister who sits there on a stage to decide the fate of Human resources in the country. Well, I do agree that it means nothing till anything is proved but it sure is quite a shame.

Reference: DNA India

What does Katharia say?

The union HRD deputy is open for any investigation on this front and claims that it is a political issue raised by the opposition to create noise. The only statement that is being given out by the opposition

“If a HRD minister holds a fake certificate, what message does it send to others?”

It will be interesting to see what the investigations will say if at all there will be a credible one but it does raise quite a serious issue

Reference: Indian Express

Are fake certificates that easy?

It is not just Katharia, I have heard of people get fake degree certificates to land a job in the country, not just in the governmental facility but also the private ones. Apparently there are agents whom you pay to get a certificate and there are schools and colleges who are willing to do that for you. I perhaps cannot point fingers but I am sure it is quite a possibility. We have all heard of the debate of dwindling quality of education in the country with the increasing number of schools and colleges and no real way of monitoring them all. But that is one issue about the quality but there is a more serious issue out there – the one of completely fake degrees and education which are used to secure a job.

I am not against an uneducated person getting a job. I do understand the current world scenario and the importance of talent and sometimes education is a wrong parameter to identify that. But claiming an education to do that is something which I will probably never understand.

What does it mean?

What does a message like this mean – when a central minister holds a fake certificate or a forged experience letter?

– Does it mean that education doesn’t necessarily mean anything

– Does it mean that in this country there is always a work around and real talent or qualification is same as a fake one?

– Does it mean that no one really cares what your certificates mean or say?

– Does it mean that your education is of no value and no one really cares?

– Does it mean that education has lost its value in the current day scenario?

– Does it mean that you don’t have to study at all to secure a degree or some great marks?

– Is the checking mechanism so shallow that people easily find a way out of it?

What does it mean?

The outcome/decision/verdict?

Well, the investigations are on and it might take some time for the truth to come out. But what can the central ministry do now?

– Suspend him till proven innocent? – If that is the case anyone can file a case on anyone else and the govt will never function cos there will be a case against everyone. We don’t believe in the concept of ‘guilty till proven innocent’ – Do we? Or Should we?

– I agree that it sends out a wrong message. But it sends out an even worse message to suspend a man who is alleged. It doesn’t send out  a clear message to the people who believe in it.

– Maybe hasten the investigations and come up with a solution soon with the help of an independent committee where neither the opposition nor the ruling party can exert their influence. That way, there is some real opportunity for truth to come out.

– The court should and will be the final judge on it. I am not sure what the retrospective punishment will be for him if proved guilty. He might have to pay a fine and he also might have to give up his place in the ministry. But it is good to show to the public out there that the governance and the court still stand up for values.

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4 thoughts on “Katharia: Not 1 But 3 Forged Certificates?

  1. Its a shame for BJP and very unfortunate for the people of this country to be led by person who is himself a fraud……….. not only KATHARIA but Smriti Irani has forged a degree from Yale Shame shame BJP!!!!

  2. The point is what is the need to do forgery? If you have leadership quality, are honestly interested in serving people and a will to do something for the country …man, not a single indian will raise a finger …just be transparent in your agenda, past and deeds…. its enough for the common man .Grrrr..

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