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Top Motivational Books of this generation

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1) Awaken The Giant within – Anthony Robbins

Positive thinking is not just about saying that there are no problems, it is about taking control of them, taking control of your life.

2) Power of Positive thinking – Norman Vincent Peale

The book offers you a solace, tends slightly on the spiritual side, but it does offer a compelling appeal to the humane side of us.

3) Unlimited Power – Anthony Robbins

The author makes you question yourself, look beyond the challenges and their purposes and offers a new line of thought.

4) The Alchemist- Paulo Coelho

The quest of a fiction which talks about dreams and the extent we go to make them happen

5) How to Win friends and influence people – Dale Carnegie

A classic about  human relationships and their importance, why it becomes so important in the current day world

6) Don’t sweat the small stuff – Richard Carlson

It is all the small stuff, simple ways of looking at life from a larger picture, makes things a lot easier.

7) Think and grow rich – Napoleon Hill

Richness is a mindset, it is all the mental make up. You want to be rich? Then stop thinking about money, it has to come

8) 7 Habits of Highly effective people – Stephen Covey

What ticks people, what ticks successful people and if we implement the same in our life, we can tick too.

9) The Last Lecture – Randy Pausch

If this were the last ever speech in your life – a journey of dreams and perseverance wrapped in a palatable story.

10) Who moved my cheese – Spencer Johnson

Change is not always as hard as it seems and sometimes it is imperative too, a short read but very effective.

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