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Here are a few steps that might aid the process of decision making. Decision by definition means cutting yourself off from the other options and focussing all the faculties on to this one mode and way to reach it. How best can we do it?

  • Understand the situation : what the situation is demanding out of you, what it needs you to be in order to face the challenge or address it.
  • Analyze the options at hand : look at the outcomes with each of the possibilities. Studies say that you should come up with 3 options, a lot more than that confuse you, less than that will not give you much choice
  • What does the logic say about these options : The logic perhaps asks which one would be most feasible with resources at hand, what best could be done at least risk and greater results.
  • What does the gut say? The gut tells you what you would enjoy the most, what makes you most happy. If there is a contention between the two, I would side the gut 🙂
  • Take a quick decision : Don’t dally, even if it is wrong, you will have an opportunity to make it right, time is far more precious than it appears to be. Take one quick, if it is very wrong, take another but TAKE ONE QUICK!
  • Publicize your decision : This acts as a mechanism to commit yourself, we often do a lot more things for others than we do for ourselves. Do this for yourself, that way you are doing it for others as well. 
  • Take Action : This is the paramount thing to do. Cut yourself away from all other distractions, get your hands on the ground, start flapping your arms, you will swim. It is easy to be lost in a thought but thought on its own didn’t solve any problems till now, the actions did

Well, what are you waiting for? 😉


Books and sources for Decision Making

The 3rd Alternative : : Author: Stephen R. Covey

Blink : The Power of Thinking without Thinking : : Author: Malcolm Gladwell

The Six Sigma Handbook 3rd Edition : : Author: Thomas Pyzdek, Paul Keller


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