You Control Your Destiny: You Don’t Need Magic To Solve Your Problems

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Control Your Destiny:

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“You control your destiny, you don’t need magic to do it. And there are no magical shortcuts to solving your problems”

“You control your destiny, you don’t need magic to do it. And there are no magical shortcuts to solving your problems”

How many times have we heard this?! You control your destiny and only you decide what is going to happen to your life. And there have been times where I have been extremely energised with these quotes and at times a bit frustrated too, especially when things don’t work the way I want them to.

But it is all a part of the game and we all have to face our own troubles and find ways through them, there sure is no magical solution – I really wish there was a wand and all these troubles of life would disappear. But if that were the case, what is the point in life or the challenges of it. So, I guess it really is a good thing that things get screwed up.

You Control Your Destiny: If Life throws a lemon at you

Like Randy Pausch says – you can’t change the deck of cards you are dealt with, the only option you have is to use it well. Or like the same old adage – If life throws a lemon at you – gee I don’t even feel like completing the cliche now!

But yes, it is clear, there sure is no magic, no matter how much we would love that. There is no lottery that is going to save us from all the troubles – unless you are extremely lucky that is. The relationships won’t mend on their own, the dreams do not get completed the way you plan them. Variety is the spice of life or atleast these troubles and challenges are.

Then how do we resort to solving these problems in life?

You Control Your Destiny: Solutions

1) Identification of the problem

Step outside that zone of self pity and feeling sorry for yourself. Don’t blame your luck. Take all the blame – it is your responsibility that something went wrong. Atleast this way you would be looking at solving the problem than pushing it on the shoulder of someone else.

2) No Denials

It is easy to neglect or ignore a problem. I know I have done that and I have no shame in accepting it either. But those denials never game me solutions, they only gave me a soothing feeling which was alright at the start but eventually that doesn’t really matter does it? We need solutions, not just a feel good factor.

3) Challenges

Life sucks sometimes! So what, it has been sucking for a lot of people and they have found ways out of it. Things are never going to be perfect. There will be challenges and you will be tested all through. What do you want to prove? Whether you are tough or whether you are willing to wimp away?

4) Objective Analysis

Why did the mistake happen? What was the consistency. Forget what is out of your control. What is it that you can do to fix it and how much of a difference do you think this can make? If you think nothing – then think from a different angle. Your goal is to solve the problem, not assign responsibilities.

5) It is your mistake cos it affects you.

Since it has an impact on you, it doesn’t matter whose mistake it is. The external events are something you do not have a control on. But the internal feelings and emotions associated with these experiences are yours. Make the best of them and try to use it to your advantage.

6) What are the advantages?

Stop calling the problem a problem. Find the opportunity or challenge in it – find what you can do to fix it. Move on from the problem. You are not supposed to be stuck or waiting for a magical deity. That never comes. Only you can make a difference in your life for lets face it – nobody else really cares. Atleast not that much 😛

Those were our top 6 tips for troubles – For more, here you go with the Six solid Quests To Solve Your Problems

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6 thoughts on “You Control Your Destiny: You Don’t Need Magic To Solve Your Problems

    1. Ha ha Maniparna, I will take that with a bow :). We sure do and fate is an easy word to take the place of all the hard work and turmoil we go through. I really get annoyed when people call something luck, esp when I know the amount of hard work it would have taken to get there..

  1. I so agree with this…there definitely is no magic, if there is a problem…I tell myself bring it on! loved the post 🙂

    1. Thank you Shweta.. I did believe in magic and fairy tales, the only thing I never believed was that getting over a problem was that easy and someone would make it happen to us. Although I hoped it would, I realize that our problem means that we have to find the solution. There is no way out..

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