Inspirational Quotes : John Lennon – I Believe In Everything, Fairies, Myths and Dragons

Inspirational Quotes : John Lennon

“I believe in everything until it’s disproved. So I believe in fairies, the myths, dragons. It all exists, even if it’s in your mind. Who’s to say that dreams and nightmares aren’t as real as the here and now?”

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Continuing our tradition of inspirational quotes, today we have John Lennon – an English Musician, Writer and Singer and above all – the founder of one of the most famous rock bands ever – BEATLES.

I love the thought in this quote, a fair mix of romanticism which a composer can bring out and a life experience which a deeper person can throw insight into.

The belief in fairies, myths and dragons! Haven’t we all done that? What’s so special in this one that it makes the prime list of our inspirational quotes section?

Well! For one – not many people tell us to keep believing them. People keep telling us to grow up -embrace the fears of the new world, the norms of the society and the restrictions encapsulated in the form of ‘Society’. As much as we are a part of the outside world, the inside world matters a great deal too and today it is all going to be about that internal world.

It was so much easier as kids – people asked us and supported us to believe in everything we thought of. We thought of magic and it was a reality. Some thought of unicorns and princesses – that was a reality too. The boys thought of action figures and superman – that was a reality too. And it really was wonderful – not because of these superheroes alone!

But because of the thought that everything was possible. There were no restrictions, there was nothing to stop us or pull us down. And anything and everything that made us sad was over in a jiffy – we didn’t even have to mull over it!

What happened as we grew up? We grew old – unfortunately people around us grew older, they started imposing their fears on us. They started saying

– Study well or no one is going to respect you

– You need to know that you have limitations

– Forget sports, they are not going to earn your daily bread

And the worst one

 “Be realistic, this is the real world”

And we believed in everything – the fears too. And it was nobody’s fault. We all were and are responding to the world we have seen and somehow somewhere the unseen world seems amiss.

We forgot to believe that we can create that world we want, we can believe in fairies if we want to. If there are not many out there, we forgot that we can be those fairies – maybe not with wings but with our gestures and thoughts. We forgot that our dreams had a different reason than succumbing to the ‘realities’ of the world.

But I would side with John Lennon today as we embrace a bit of romanticism in life, a bit of magic and a world of possibilities. I may sound very impractical cos I seem to be preaching about believing in angels and dragons, but hey – many people did and they are living a fine dandy life.

If it weren’t for the impossibilities, we wouldn’t have the Wright brothers invent a flight for us, we wouldn’t have our cars and bikes which made our lives simpler, we wouldn’t have electricity which is as basic as the air we breathe. All of what we do today have been the impossibilities of the previous generation. Someone decided to step out of those impossibilities, someone dreamed and dared to believe in them.

And people say we have to be realistic?

Who do you want to believe?

I am with John Lennon and this makes our section of inspirational quotes alive!

If you still aren’t convinced, how about the song from Abba – I have a dream, A song to Sing.. 

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  1. I love that quote too, Vinay 🙂 Life looks pretty easy when you believe in all than to disbelieve..