Inspirational Quote: You Can’t Judge People Because They Sin Differently Than You! – Judging Others

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Inspirational Quote:

Here you go with today’s inspirational quote:

judging people, judging others, judging others quotes, inspirational quotes, judging others definition, judging personality “You cannot judge people because they sin differently than you”

– Erykah Badu

It kinda reminds me of another quote by carl Jung –

Thinking is difficult – that’s why most people judge”

To be honest, we all make a judgement about others for different reasons in life and some of them are really naive and necessary while some of them are sheer nasty. Like we have always professed, our thoughts and emotions are the ones which should drive us to a life of satisfaction and fulfilment rather than a life which leads to the petty challenges which hold us back rather than letting us go.

Judging others definition / Judging People Definition:

Quite simply, the definition of judging others is – to form an opinion or an estimation after careful consideration. In other words, we understand the other person in a manner as detailed as possible and then pass a judgement whether they are good or bad. I am not going to argue the semantics as to what constitutes what, but I am certainly going to pose an objection on our right to judge people and our capacities in understanding someone fully.

I mean each one of us have led a different life and I doubt if someone could actually understand the challenges I have gone through and the choices I have had to make and the situations I have faced. For someone living a completely different life than mine, I would wonder if he would even come close to experiencing what I have and the kind of emotions I have gone through. And above all of this, if someone sits in his fancy shoes and passes a judgement on me as to who I am as a person, I would naturally be enraged to the core and I would have a tough time forgiving him or her.

Why do we judge people:

I am not saying that we should not judge anyone at all. I mean how else do we know if someone is right for us or not? How else do we decide whether we let someone into our life or not? It is alright to make that judgement and say whether they fit in our plan of life and our scheme of things. We have every right to do that and we would certainly back your right for it.

But when it comes to judging people based on their actions and thinking what we would do if we were in their situation – well that’s where things go really wrong and berserk. We can never really do that can we? How can we expect or imagine to be in the emotional state of someone else and bring our moral rights or obligations or conscience to call someone else right or wrong. I mean we all have done our share of mistakes and we all love to correct ourselves and lead a life we are proud of.

And that’s the extent of our rights and obligations. The moment we step out and say that the entire world should or will respond like me, then I guess we are crossing our limits too and our rights as well. Cos judging someone good or bad is one of the easiest things to do, but truly understanding someone takes time. And if that person is that important to us, we better do it instead of trying to judge whether they are good or bad. People are never really that objective.

Well, this was our inspirational quote of the day – cos we all do sin differently and to put the same rules for all of us would surely be a blasphemy indeed :D.

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11 thoughts on “Inspirational Quote: You Can’t Judge People Because They Sin Differently Than You! – Judging Others

  1. Beautiful thoughts. We all sin but can’t tolerate others’ sins. However, one cannot be absolutely non-judgmental either. You’ve said that too. We have some expectations of people in certain positions, especially when they have promised us many things in order to arrive at those positions. It’s only fair if people judge such people. That’s just an example 🙂

    1. Thank you Matheikal. Such a hypocrisy isn’t it? I mean all those mistakes we make and all of a sudden we are intolerant if someone else does the same mistake. I sometimes wonder how the yardsticks can be so different for our lives and the lives of others. Not saying that I don’t have any hypocrisy in me, I am right up the alley of an average joe when it comes to hypocrisy but at the same time, being a little tolerant about the troubles of others makes our lives so meaningful.
      And it is true, it is only fair to judge, but I guess we have that right when that judgement or the result of that judgement is affeccting us. If not, I would still be a little careful before judging someone. Curiosity is a better value sometimes 🙂

  2. I so loved the title, sorry was away as I was travelling. I have always had a problem with people being judgmental and why do people judge..i feel its human nature…those who don’t make a constant effort not to. I can’t tolerate people judging without knowing, super topic 🙂

    1. Thanks Shweta :). I guess even I share that sentiment with judgemental people and I try to stay away from them as much as possible cos they somehow make it a point to crib about every silly little thing in life and crib about the mistakes of others when their own plate is full of their own nonsense and there is no effort at all to try to solve a problem. I guess maybe they stick to the easiest part, cos anything other than that takes a little bit of thinking and a bit of work too ,. And by golly we know how lazy some people are..

  3. This is one of my favourite quotes Vinay. Nobody is faultless and we dislike people who don’t measure up to our yardsticks and sin differently than us. And this tendency to judge people is the root of a whole lot of problems. The post triggers a much needed thought.

    1. Indeed Somali. No one is faultless and I think by design we are supposed to make those mistakes and we are supposed to grow beyond them. Probably the trick is to make those mistakes as soon as possible so that life gets back on track soon and maybe also being ready for these and understanding that things do get screwed up as a natural design and the best thing we can do is accept and find ways to move on..

  4. Very deep & authentic thought. Judgement means comparison and comparison means duality and duality is illusion. Different people are having different illusions.

  5. Profound thoughts, Vinay. We often become judgemental to others without thinking about the situation which they are in. We never think of our own faults. Perhaps, this satisfies our ego…

    And just loved the quote, “Thinking is difficult – that’s why most people judge”

    1. Thank you Maniparna. I love that quote too. Carl Jung sure has a way of putting thoughts across. And I guess its really easy to make a judgement right, I mean all we have to say is whether something is right or wrong and we don’t even have to give an explanation or justification to our thoughts. Sounds so unfair for the person who is at the receiving end..

      I couldn’d agree more with you. Perhaps it satisfies our own egos..

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