5 Steps to Get Rid of The Inferiority Complex

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Inferiority Complex!

inferiority complex, getting over feeling inferior, meaning of inferiority complex, getting over inferiority complexWhat does it actually mean when someone says they have an inferiority complex?

For me it simply means that they think of themselves way smaller than they actually are. And that is given a fancy name called inferiority complex. Quite naturally, the superiority complex is when people think they are better than they actually are!

How to identify if you have an inferiority complex?

This is not always the easiest part because we can never always realise what our true worth is. It is always so situational that sometimes we bring out the stupidest aspect of ourselves and some other times the most intelligent part. The answer of course is in the law of averages. The more we feel confident and good about ourselves, we don’t have this inferiority complex while on the other hand if we keep feeling we don’t have enough capacities, then that is the text book case of what we are trying to discuss here.

How to get it out?

We would first start by saying that it is a condition and we of course have to find a way around it. The trick might be to do all those sort of exercises which keep telling you – ‘You are good, you are capable…’ and so on. It can also be sleep hypnosis which says essentially the same thing. But none of these actually beats it like the true acknowledgement of facing your fears.

The situations which make you feel inferior!

It is very important to notice what makes you feel inferior. We all know that none of us feels awful about ourselves all the time. There must be times when we feel absolutely great.

What we are trying to say is that both success and failure have a very strong pattern. It is a great start when we notice this pattern, so that we know when to check ourselves and stop from getting sucked into that shell.

What do you feel when you feel inferior?

What are the thoughts that run in your mind? Does it remind you of similar situations? Does it make you think that you cannot do it. And if it does – Why? What are the reasons you give yourselves while you prepare for a failure?

When you feel confident?

On the other hand, what is the pattern that makes you feel confident? What are the things that make you feel that you can conquer the world and make a great difference?

What do you feel when you feel that – do you feel that you have enough energy to go out of your comfort zone? Do you feel that you can achieve it no matter how hard it is?

What is the reason for this confidence?- Experience, passion, aspiration? – What is it – identify the pattern

Cross learning

The idea we are hinting at is cross learning. It is about simulating the behaviour of what you do when you know you can be successful to an uncomfortable situation.

Of course we are not being naive – we do appreciate that the processes are different. We are just asking you to replicate the behaviour. What does it make you feel? How does your thought process run? What is your brain telling you when you think of this?

The first two times will feel absolutely weird and stupid. No new art is ever easy, and nothing worthwhile in life ever comes easy. We just need to put in that bit of ground work you see.

The Solution!

The simplest solution is in training. Put yourself into slightly uncomfortable situations – win over them. Your brain keeps accumulating confidence. Do more of this and let yourself more opportunities to gain this confidence. Keep building that stem till it becomes a stand alone part of you. The more you build, the better you feel and the inferiority complex slowly fades away.

Of course the inferiority complex can stay when it is true and driving you somewhere good. If not, it becomes your solemn duty to get over it and bring back the balance to your lives.


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